There are various kinds of nightlife entertainment in Japan.

Nightlife district, entertainment district
Talking about dining... There are places to enjoy drinking such as the izakaya (Japanese-style dining bars), bars, and cafes.

Talking about leisure facilities…There are places to relieve your everyday stress such as karaoke, clubs and shows.

As for sightseeing at night…
There are places and occasions to fully enjoy sightseeing and take pictures such as fireworks, night views and nightlife or redlight districts.

Once you make plans to go into the nightlife districts of Japan, don't you get a little hesitant and reluctant from fear of seeing something new and unknown?

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you might as well learn all about our nightlife entertainment and fully experience it.

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Izakaya in Japan

'Izakayas are a unique part of Japanese food culture. They are Japanese style pubs where you can enjoy different dishes and appetizers with alcohol. Many shops offer meals like ramen noodles and set meals in addition to authentic Japanese appetizers like yakitori (skewered chicken), sashimi and grilled fish, so that even non-drinkers can enjoy themselves. They are easily accessible with reasonable prices and a casual atmosphere, with no dress code. Today, these shops are popular among foreign travelers as places where you can eat delicious food and enjoy drinking. There are some major Japanese izakaya chain branches available in major cities abroad, so they may be familiar to some of you. Presently there are many shops which are particular about the kinds of alcohol they serve, the type of food, customer service, number of tables, budget and location, and also have an entirely unique and specialized atmosphere. Thus, choosing your type of shop could be one of the joys of izakaya too.

Bars in Japan

These are shops where bartenders serve a wide range of types of alcohol such as cocktails and whisky and water at the counter. These kinds of bars are purely for the purpose of enjoying drinking. There are also other kinds of bars specializing in the kinds of alcohol offered, such as wine bars, beer bars and highball (whisky and soda) bars. There are many hidden shops unknown to the public in each region of Japan, so discovering these kinds of shops can in itself be part of the thrill of your journey. These shops might seem awkward to enter casually, but in fact, aside from those bars inside hotels and exclusive restaurants, few have dress codes, so there is basically no need to get too nervous about entering them.

Cafes in Japan

'Kissaten (coffee shops): the most prominent feature is that many shops have subdued interiors with antique furniture, giving a mellow and modest atmosphere reminiscent of the Showa days (1926-1989). The food menus also feature Western meals arranged Japanese style like Napolitan Spaghetti.

Karaoke in Japan

When it comes to karaoke, the common style in Japan is to sing in a karaoke box. Karaoke boxes consist of a number of small rooms inside the shop which are rented for a certain amount of time. Karaoke can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age and gender. Every downtown area is sure to have karaoke boxes, which are considered a popular social gathering spot where many people can show off their favorite songs and get in close communication with friends. There are also many shops open till morning so that people can enjoy eating meals, drinking alcohol and soft drinks and enjoying themselves all night.

Clubs in Japan

Night Club
A social gathering space at night: with drinks, dancing and loud music, this is a place to meet different people while enjoying the music and dancing.
Some venues in various areas have also launched various schemes such as inviting famous artists and holding fashion shows. Most clubs open from around 9 p.m. until around 5 a.m. the following morning. However, some clubs in the countryside may close around 3 a.m.
There are no particular rules so feel free to do as you like, drinking at the counter or dancing on the floor if you can, or whatever.
But be sure to make inquiries in advance, since the genres of music may vary depending on the locality and type of event.
There are also many people who come seeking a date. One of the major enjoyments of the night club is the chance to interact with different people regardless of gender and nationality.
There are many kinds of clubs in provincial cities other than Tokyo, so why not seek your favorite kind of club?

Shows in Japan

Pubs where you can enjoy watching shows with songs, dances and comic stunts while dining. The concepts of the content will differ according to the shop, such as sexy dancing, comedy shows, mimic shows, magic shows and shows which focus on entertainment quality. Show pubs used to be for men to enjoy in the past, but nowadays more and more women have started to come, making them a popular place for everyone regardless of gender. Moreover, show pub dancers used to be amateurs in the past, but in recent years the quality has become very high, with more and more female cast members exhibiting authentic and professional dances. The shop interior also deeply reflects Japanese culture, allowing guests to enjoy a classy, refined atmosphere.

Neon cities in Japan

Night views in Japan
In addition to Kobe and Yokohama, which are known for their million-dollar nightscapes, there are many places that are lit up at night such as gardens and parks which are well-known tourist sites, as well as the nightscapes in the shitamachi (downtown) areas in Tokyo and urban areas filled with skyscrapers. Various other areas each have their own night view spots where you can enjoy different nightscapes depending on the times of year.
With the numbers of night viewing spots and people going to see them increasing, it is no exaggeration to say that nightscape viewing, or appreciating the night view itself, is a part of Japanese culture. Expectations toward night views as a business opportunity are also high, with increased interest in sightseeing at night and the development of new local attractions. Thus night views are drawing much attention and are being well utilized as business opportunities in various industries such as hotels, travel agencies, sightseeing businesses, transportation, observation facilities, real estate businesses and entertainment facilities.

Hanabi (Fireworks) in Japan

Fireworks are a seasonal tradition of Japan. The light, color and sound fascinate many people, and there are various kinds ranging from those that can be casually enjoyed by families and friends to dynamic and impressive ones seen at major events. The majority of large-scale fireworks events are held in July and August and have become embedded as a seasonal feature of summer. Moreover there are many regional fireworks events which are held in requiem or in honor of the war dead or ancestral souls, in which the fireworks serve as ceremonial bonfires. There are various kinds of fireworks in different regions, such as gimmick or set-piece fireworks, in which different shapes like hearts and characters emerge. So, while being awed by their beauty, why not give some thought to the ideas involved in them and how they're displayed.

Night views in Japan

The neon streets (nightlife districts) of Japan have a great deal of atmosphere: the bar districts at night, with signs and red paper lanterns standing out, the neon signs glittering, the alleys...
These are the areas where innumerable bars and amusement businesses line the streets, entertainment districts filled with people at night.
With nightfall, they exhibit an appearance absolutely different from the calm and silent landscape during the day.
Because there are many shops open at night, the streets are characterized by so many flashy, flamboyant signs with heavy use of neon. Though not as flamboyant as in the urban areas, there do exist a few so-called entertainment districts adjacent to hot spring areas and country towns visited by travelers.
These days such other-worldly scenes have become popular spots not just for dining purposes but also for capturing in photographs.

About the four seasons of Japan

The four seasons in Japan change every three months, and each has its own characteristics.

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