Clubs in Japan

A social gathering space at night: with drinks, dancing and loud music, this is a place to meet different people while enjoying the music and dancing.
Some venues in various areas have also launched various schemes such as inviting famous artists and holding fashion shows. Most clubs open from around 9 p.m. until around 5 a.m. the following morning. However, some clubs in the countryside may close around 3 a.m.
There are no particular rules so feel free to do as you like, drinking at the counter or dancing on the floor if you can, or whatever.
But be sure to make inquiries in advance, since the genres of music may vary depending on the locality and type of event.
There are also many people who come seeking a date. One of the major enjoyments of the night club is the chance to interact with different people regardless of gender and nationality.
There are many kinds of clubs in provincial cities other than Tokyo, so why not seek your favorite kind of club?



What is the fee system?

Your main payment will be the admission fee.
Many clubs expect an advance payment with a one-drink minimum system, and the charge is not too expensive.
They may also be have counter bars where you can order additional drinks after admission.

Fees vary for weekdays and weekends at many night clubs, with some offering free admission, and relatively reasonable fees for women at some places. Be sure to check the fees in advance.



[Basic club flow]

1. First of all, before you enter, your ID will be checked. Bring some photo ID with you. Smoking and drinking are allowed in clubs, so in most cases you can enter from the age of 20 or older, but there are some places where you can enter from the age of 18 or older. As a general rule, you cannot bring in food or drink.


2. After confirming your ID, pay the entrance fee at the reception. There are places where women can enter for free. Once you enter, there will be a locker for you to put your things in. At that time, it is a good idea to bring mobile phones, money for alcohol, etc. to the floor without putting them in the locker.


3, it’s finally the main! You may get a drink ticket when you pay the entrance fee, so let’s order a drink first and have a toast. After that, you can dance to the rhythm of the music playing on the floor, and enjoy making friends with people you don’t know. As for the music genre, Western music is common, but there are also places where various songs such as J-pop and K-pop are divided into floors, so let’s check it out. Some clubs allow re-entry, so if you get tired, you can go outside and take a rest.



What time of day and what day of the week is the busiest?

Weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) and before holidays are the days of the week when there are overwhelmingly many customers and the excitement is high. If there are many people who have a day off the next day, the number of customers who come to the club increases, and there is often a long line in front of the entrance. *Admission prices may change on weekends and weekdays.
As for the peak time, after the last train has passed, the number of people starts to increase after 24:00. It peaks at 2:00 a.m., and people picking up people, toasting with alcohol, and dancing are all in high spirits.



Additional important points to note

Some clubs prohibit overly casual attire such as sweatshirts and track pants, flip-flops and tank tops. Be sure to enjoy the appropriate club fashion without looking too casual!

[ID documents]
Be sure to have some identification such as your passport with you, since you might be asked to show it at the entrance.

Be sure to fully secure your valuables. Most clubs provide lockers so be sure to keep your valuables there.