10 spots to enjoy nightlife in Osaka! Explaining the charm of each area

Do you want to enhance the nightlife in Osaka or want to know the popular spots in each area?

Osaka’s nights have a unique charm that is different from Tokyo or other areas.
In this article, we will introduce 10 spots where you can enjoy nightlife unique to Osaka. Please take a look as we explain spots with different atmospheres in each area.

■Enjoy Osaka’s nightlife! Kita area



We will introduce two spots from the Kita area where JR Osaka Station is located that will enhance your nightlife. The Kita area has many commercial facilities, and there are many places where you can enjoy shopping and gourmet food.


[Umeda Sky Building] Building selected as one of the top 20 buildings in the world

Umeda Sky Building is a high-rise building that can be called a landmark in Osaka. At the 39th and 40th floor floating garden observation deck, you can enjoy the view of Umeda’s cityscape from outside the window. You can enter until 10pm, so you can enjoy the dazzling night view.

You can enjoy a 360-degree view from the rooftop, so depending on the direction you look, you can see a variety of Osaka scenery, from nature to buildings.

There is a restaurant and movie theater inside the building, so you can stay for a long time, but the exterior of Umeda Sky Building is also attractive. The unique design, in which the two towers are connected on the rooftop, has been selected as one of the “Top 20 Architectures in the World” and has been highly praised. Let’s feel the beauty of form from various angles.


[Club Piccadilly] Theatrical entertainment space

Club Piccadilly, which you can enjoy on weekends, is an entertainment space with Japan’s best sound equipment and lighting. It is based on a historic movie theater, and with its luxurious interior and unique design, you can enjoy a world view that feels like a scene from a movie.

Many popular artists from Japan and abroad come as guests, and you can enjoy lively music and drinks. You will need your passport to enter, so don’t forget to bring it with you.


■Enjoy Osaka’s nightlife! Minami area

There are many spots in Osaka where you can enjoy nightlife in the Minami area around Shinsaibashi and Namba. We’ll introduce you to some of the most iconic places in Osaka that you’ll want to visit at least once.


[Dotonbori] A famous place that preserves Osaka’s culture

Dotonbori is a moat with a history of over 400 years.

Dotonbori has many attractions that you can’t fully explore in one night.
● A river cruise where you can experience Dotonbori
● A variety of delicious gourmet food in a town where you can eat all you want
● Performing arts such as kabuki and comedy
● Glico is a landmark

Even in Osaka, which is said to be the kitchen of the world, Dotonbori is a must-see for its takoyaki and cheap bars. In the lively shopping street, you can enjoy shopping for everything from souvenirs to clothes and accessories. Dotonbori alone is packed with so much charm that you could spend days enjoying it, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.


[Hozenji Yokocho] An elegant restaurant street

Hozenji Yokocho, where you can enjoy Osaka gourmet food, is a spot in Minami where you can enjoy a calm atmosphere.

There are long-established Japanese restaurants, okonomiyaki, and kushikatsu restaurants lined up in the alley, which has two alleys. Many of the restaurants are small, but it is a famous gourmet spot where many talented chefs gather, including restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide.

Although the atmosphere gives the impression of being high class, there are some restaurants where you can eat for less than 1000 yen.

Hozenji Yokocho’s restaurant district was originally a street stall where people visiting the temple stopped by, but it has evolved into what it is today. You can enjoy just walking through the rows of historic shops and cobblestone streets.


■Enjoy Osaka’s nightlife! Tennoji area


The Tennoji area, which is popular among families with its zoo and green spaces, also has spots where you can enjoy nightlife. This is an area where you can experience the deeper charm of Osaka.


[Tsutenkaku] Osaka’s symbol tower

Tsutenkaku, whose name comes from “a high building that leads to the sky,” was originally built as a symbol tower for an amusement park. The first generation was demolished due to a fire, and the second generation is currently standing.

It has an unusual design that looks like a combination of the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower, and is 108 meters long. The Golden Observation Deck on the 5th floor not only offers a great view of Osaka city, but also has an attractive interior made of gold, as the name suggests. You can also enjoy shopping inside the tower, making it the perfect place to pick up Osaka souvenirs.

Although it is a symbol, it continues to change, and in recent years it has become even more popular with the addition of a special outdoor observation deck and a 60-meter long slide.

Billiken-san, the statue of God at Tsutenkaku Tower, was originally created by an American artist, and has been loved in Japan because of its distinctive appearance. It is said that stroking the soles of the feet will bring good luck, so why not make a wish when you stop by?

The area around Tsutenkaku is called “Shinsekai” and has a townscape reminiscent of downtown Osaka. The shopping street has a Showa-era atmosphere, with flashy signboards and large blowfish lanterns, making it fun just to look at them.


[Abeno Harukas] A skyscraper where you can enjoy spectacular views of Osaka

Abeno Harukas is a 300 meter high skyscraper overlooking Osaka. The name comes from the ancient word used in the Heian period, “Harukasu”, which means to make things clear and sunny.

The biggest attraction is the observation deck. It is open from 9:00 to 22:00, so you can enjoy the different views from the 60th floor during the day, at dusk, and at night. It’s also fun to go up to the observation deck around dusk and look for sightseeing spots you visited during the day.

There are also places to shop and an art museum inside the Harukas building. You can also enjoy the night view after shopping or visiting museums in the morning. There is a hotel on the upper floor, so you can stay there as well.


■Enjoy Osaka’s nightlife! bay area


We will introduce spots where you can enjoy nightlife in the bay area around Osaka Bay. The Bay Area is home to many large-scale entertainment facilities that can be enjoyed until late at night.


[USJ] A theme park representing Kansai

Universal Studios Japan, also known as USJ, is one of the five largest Universal Studios theme parks in the world. Opened in 2001, it has become even more popular in recent years, especially in collaboration with anime and games.

If you want to enjoy the ride even for a short time in the evening, it’s a good idea to shorten your waiting time by using the “Single Rider,” which allows you to enjoy attractions by yourself using an empty seat, or the “Universal Express Pass,” which allows you to ride without lining up.

The attraction of Halloween and Christmas seasons is that there are fun events tailored to the event, such as zombies appearing at night and a giant Christmas tree.


[Tenpozan Ferris Wheel] The world’s largest Ferris wheel

The Tempozan Ferris Wheel is a large Ferris wheel that stands 112.5 meters above the ground. You can enter for 900 yen and enjoy the thrill and scenery for 15 minutes per lap. You can enjoy it until 9pm, but please check in advance as business hours vary depending on the day.

The see-through gondola has a transparent floor that gives you the feeling of floating in the air, allowing you to see the scenery from your feet.

In addition, the Tempozan Ferris Wheel’s illumination at night is not just the usual flashing lights, but you can also enjoy the art. The Ferris wheel, which has been selected as one of Japan’s night view heritage sites, is a spot that will satisfy both viewing and riding.

■Enjoy Osaka’s nightlife! Other spots

In addition to these four areas, there are other spots in Osaka where you can enjoy nightlife. Be sure to check it out and make your night in Osaka even more fulfilling.


[Osaka Castle] Castle ruins where you can feel a different charm than during the day

Osaka Castle, located in Chuo Ward, Osaka City, is a castle built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. In addition to the luxurious castle tower, the castle ruins have a wide range of areas to enjoy, including a splendid turret and a moat.

Models and materials are displayed, as well as theme-based exhibitions, making it a very popular spot for tourists.

Although you can only enter the castle until 5pm, you can enjoy the illumination of Osaka Castle from outside. In spring, the combination with cherry blossoms is also popular. Let’s experience the fantastical charm of a castle that is different from the one seen during the day.


[Rice terraces in Shimoakasaka] Selected as one of the 100 best photo spots

The rice terraces of Shimoakasaka in Chihayaakasaka Village, Minamikawachi District are a popular photo spot.

Rice terraces are rice fields that are arranged in a stepped manner on the slopes of mountains. Terraced rice fields can produce delicious rice due to the benefits of ventilation and sunshine hours, and are also attractive as part of a peaceful and beautiful landscape.

The rice terraces of Shimoakasaka have been selected as one of Japan’s 100 best rice terraces because of their particularly well-managed rice fields. The light-up event that takes place around November every year makes it look even brighter in the natural darkness.

Another good time to visit is at dusk, as the contrast between light and shadow is accentuated by the setting sun, adding to the beauty of the terraced rice fields.

■Enjoy the nightlife in Osaka


We introduced spots where you can enjoy Osaka’s nightlife. Japan’s nightlife isn’t just limited to Tokyo and its famous red-light districts.

Osaka is full of spots where you can experience the best of Japan, from entertainment to gourmet food and night views. Another appeal is that each area has a different atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy a variety of nights.

Why not use the contents of this article as a reference to enhance your nightlife in Osaka?



Q.Are there only high-end shops in Hozenji Yokocho?
A.There is a wide range of prices depending on the store, and they are not all high-end stores. At reasonably priced restaurants, you can eat for less than 1,000 yen.

Q.Can I enjoy USJ from night?
A. You can enjoy it enough by watching the parade and shortening the time in line. If you want to enjoy an attraction, consider purchasing a “Single Rider ” so you can enjoy it alone or a “ Universal Express Pass” that allows you to ride without lining up.