What is the appeal of complex amusement facilities? Introducing features and ways to enjoy it

Do you know about complex amusement facilities? An amusement complex is a facility where various amusement facilities are gathered together. You can enjoy many entertainment in one place.

However, many people may not understand the appeal of complex amusement facilities. Therefore, this time we have put together a summary of “What is the appeal of complex amusement facilities? Introducing their characteristics and ways to enjoy them.”


■What is an amusement complex?

An amusement complex is a facility that provides a variety of entertainment such as game centers and karaoke. It is also called an “amusement spot” or “comprehensive amusement facility” and may also include a theme park. Many people use it to have fun and enjoy their favorite pastimes to the fullest. You can also expect a refreshing effect.


Japan is rich in complex amusement facilities.

Japan is rich in complex amusement facilities, where you can enjoy a variety of entertainment such as karaoke and bowling. Amusement facilities were once prosperous game centers that gradually changed to become what they are today. It is popular as a spot that you can enjoy nearby without having to go out of your way, and the demand has increased rapidly. It also has a large market worldwide, and is a popular facility among people of all ages, from children to adults.

Each complex amusement facility has its own concept. For example, it is the most memorable image, such as “Disneyland is a dreamland.” The concept becomes a symbol of each facility’s appeal.


There are four main types of amusement businesses.

Amusement facilities are mainly divided into four types. For details, see below.

● leisure industry
● Restaurant business
● entertainment service industry
● Accommodation service industry

The leisure industry includes amusement parks and aquariums, and focuses on play and experiential entertainment. The food and beverage industry will be an entertainment facility that provides food and drink, such as karaoke and manga cafes. Entertainment services also include theaters and sports facilities. The accommodation service industry provides accommodation facilities such as hotels and inns. One of the attractions of amusement facilities is that you can choose them according to your style and purpose.


■What is the appeal of complex amusement facilities?

The appeal of complex amusement facilities is that you can easily enjoy playing, eating and drinking, and more. Also, the unique Japanese concept is probably one of the attractions for foreign tourists. From here, we will introduce the appeal of complex amusement facilities.


here are many genres of play

The biggest appeal of complex amusement facilities is that you can enjoy a variety of entertainment in one facility. There are many entertainment options such as bowling and game centers, so you can spend the entire day without getting bored.

It is also attractive that you can enjoy it with a wide range of people such as family and friends. Everyone from children to adults will be able to enjoy it in their own way.


You can have a lot of fun even in the rain

Many of the amusement complexes are indoors, so you don’t have to worry even on rainy days. Unless you are in an outdoor facility such as an amusement park, you can play without worrying about the weather. You can enjoy moving your body to relieve the lack of exercise and release your daily stress.

Depending on the facility, discounts are available only on rainy days. If you check in advance, you can save money.


Great food too

There is no need to go out to eat at the amusement complex, as there are plenty of on-site dining options. If it’s meal time or you’re feeling hungry, use the on-site food court or restaurant.

There are also entertainment options that allow you to eat without having to go to a food court or restaurant. For example, at karaoke, you can enjoy your meal while singing on the spot.


Inbound support with high demand

I get the impression that facilities that are popular with foreign tourists are putting a lot of effort into inbound tourism. For example, large-scale amusement parks have enhanced attractions and multilingual support.

Large game centers have introduced various types of electronic payments, making it possible to play in units of 1 yen. We provide appropriate services and prices tailored to our customers, and incorporate a variety of innovations.


■Popular games at amusement complexes

The amusement complex has several popular activities. The three typical activities are game centers, karaoke, and super public baths. From here, we will introduce three popular facilities in detail.



A game center is a facility equipped with various types of game machines. You play by inserting coins or coins into the game machine. Game centers are attractive to foreign tourists because they can enjoy them even if they don’t speak much Japanese. Crane games and Gacha Gacha are also popular. Another major factor is that the environment in which foreign tourists can play with peace of mind is expanding with mobile payments and the installation of automatic foreign currency exchange machines.

When going to a game center, there are some things to keep in mind so that as many people as possible can enjoy the game. For example, “Don’t wait in line” and “Don’t exchange money for purposes other than gaming.” At game centers, it is important to respect manners while playing.



Karaoke is a popular pastime where people can sing out loud and release stress. It can be said to be one of the essential games to liven up the atmosphere of the place. Karaoke, which is part of Japanese culture, can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, such as getting together with family and friends, or just singing alone. Another big attraction is that you can enjoy it while eating.

Additionally, karaoke terminals have the ability to support multiple languages. Therefore, even if your Japanese is difficult, you can use it with confidence.


Super public bath (day trip bath)

Super Sento is a bathing facility that you can visit for a day. Japan has a culture of soaking in baths, and there is a custom to enjoy bathing. Therefore, super public baths provide an environment where you can relax and soak in a variety of different types of baths. You can enjoy a variety of baths, including an outdoor open-air bath and a jet bath.

Super public baths have a highly relaxing effect and are useful for relieving daily fatigue and stress. There may also be super public baths located within or near the airport. It can also be used as a place to stay for late night or early morning flights.


■3 popular amusement complexes

Japan has many amusement facilities that are popular with foreign tourists. Here we will introduce three popular amusement complexes.


Highly recognized “Round One”

“Round One”, which has stores all over the country, is an amusement complex with plenty of places to play. There are various types of games such as crane games and medal games. When it comes to popular games, there are so many machines that there is a dedicated floor. Also popular is “Spotcha,” which allows you to easily exercise your body by playing bowling or table tennis.

Round One has expanded overseas, so it is a well-known facility overseas. There are plenty of discounts and free campaigns, so it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.


Trend in the city center “Tokyu Kabukicho Tower”

Tokyu Kabukicho Tower, located in Kabukicho, Tokyo, is a notable facility that opened in April 2023. It has a trendy and glittering atmosphere, and you can enjoy a variety of ways to spend your time, from entertainment to lodging. You can also enjoy it as a night leisure activity.

The 1st to 5th floors are facilities based on the concept of “entertainment and restaurant.” On the second floor, you can enjoy your meal in an atmosphere reminiscent of a festival. There is a Bandai Namco amusement facility on the third floor. This is an area where you can enjoy activities such as big crane games and gachapon, as well as various events.


Versatile spot “Tokyo Dome City”

Tokyo Dome City is a facility where you can enjoy fun both indoors and outdoors. We also offer entertainment such as attractions and game centers, as well as lodging facilities. Being able to watch sports is also attractive. Tokyo Dome City is a versatile spot that everyone from children to adults can enjoy all day long.

There is a game center “GIGO” in the facility, where you can enjoy games such as crane games and purikura. There is also a spa called “LaQua” where you can soak in hot springs, so you can enjoy the resort feeling while relaxing.


■The appeal of complex amusement facilities is endless.

The biggest appeal of complex amusement facilities is that you can easily enjoy a variety of entertainment in one place. Everyone has their own way of playing and spending time, and no matter how many times you visit, you’ll be able to enjoy a different way of enjoying it. The charm of amusement facilities is truly limitless. Please come and experience Japanese amusement culture once.


Q. Does an amusement complex always have a game center?
A. It depends on the facility, but many facilities have game centers. If you just want to play at a game center, there are also specialized game center facilities.

Q. Why are amusement complexes popular with foreign tourists?
A. It is recognized as part of Japanese culture. The wide variety of game consoles and rich entertainment facilities are attractive, but there are also some facilities that you can enjoy even if you don’t speak much Japanese.