Enjoy Japanese cocktails at the bar ! 7 Recommended Japanese Cocktails

Visiting a bar and enjoying cocktails created in Japan is one of the best parts of nightlife in Japan. You can enjoy the beautiful appearance and deep flavor of each drink, as well as feel the Japanese atmosphere.

In this article, we will introduce cocktails originating from Japan that you should definitely try when you come to Japan. We cover everything from world-famous sake to sake-based sake. We will also introduce bars that are associated with cocktails, so why not take this opportunity to visit them?

Enjoy Japanese taste at the bar ! 4 cocktails born in Japan that everyone knows


Enjoy world-famous Japanese cocktails at a Japanese bar. It’s a good idea to visit the birthplace of cocktails and enjoy an authentic drink.

Combined with the fun of traveling and the atmosphere of a foreign country, you’re sure to enjoy every bite. Maybe you’ll find your favorite cocktail.

Here we will introduce some of Japan’s most representative cocktails that you should definitely order when you visit a bar.


Japan ‘s world-famous cocktail “Yukiguni”

When you think of cocktails born in Japan, many people probably think of “Yukiguni.” This cocktail, created by bartender Keiichi Iyama, won the Grand Prix at the Suntory Home Cocktail Competition held in 1959. Since then, it has continued to be loved as the standard of Japanese cocktails.

Yukiguni, made by shaking white curacao and lime with a vodka base, has a refreshing taste with sourness and sweetness. The sugar on the rim of the glass looks just like falling snow. The mint cherry that sinks to the bottom of the glass evokes the image of flower buds waiting for spring under the snow.

Unfortunately, Mr. Iyama passed away in 2021, and the bar he opened in Yamagata Prefecture, Cologne, was relocated and closed. However, at the bar “YUKIGUNI” in Yamagata Prefecture , you can enjoy “Snow Country” made by bartenders who received direct instruction from Mr. Iyama.


Bamboo cocktail, popular overseas

“Bamboo” is a cocktail created in Yokohama during the Meiji period. It is said to have been invented by Louis Eppinger, who was the chief bartender at the Yokohama New Grand Hotel at the time. This cocktail is very popular overseas as well.

This refreshing cocktail is made with sherry, dry vermouth, and orange bitters. It goes well with both Japanese and Western food. Even today, it is said to be highly praised among American chefs as “the perfect aperitif.”

Bamboo is served as a “traditional taste” at the bar “Sea Guardian II ” on the first floor of Hotel New Grand’s main building. Please enjoy the taste that has been passed down over many years in a classical atmosphere.


Kings Valley is a must-try for whiskey lovers

“King’s Valley” is a cocktail based on Scotch whisky. It was invented by Kazuo Ueda, one of Japan’s leading bartenders. Kings Valley rose to fame after winning the 1st Scotch Whiskey Cocktail Competition in 1986.

The name Kings Valley means “King of the Valley”. The name was inspired by a Scottish valley, expressing admiration for the Scotch whiskey used in cocktails and respect for Scotland, the country of origin.

This cocktail is based on Scotch whiskey and uses white curacao, rum, and blue curacao, and has a beautiful green color. When you put it in your mouth, you will enjoy the faint scent of whiskey and the refreshing taste of lime.

Mr. Ueda is currently active as a bartender at the bar “TENDER” in Ginza. Kings Valley made by its creator is sure to have an exceptional taste.


“Cherry Blossom” is reminiscent of pretty cherry blossoms.

As the name suggests, “Cherry Blossom” is a Japanese-born cocktail created in the image of cherry blossoms. It was invented by Tasaburo Tao, the owner of Yokohama’s prestigious bar Paris. This bright pink cocktail may be more reminiscent of American cherries than cherry blossoms.

Cherry Blossom is made by shaking cherry liqueur, brandy, orange curacao, lemon liqueur, and grenadine syrup. It is characterized by a fruity aroma and a rich brandy taste.
The birthplace of this bar, Paris, opened in 1923 and is the oldest bar in Yokohama still in existence . Paris is still open and run by Mr. Tao’s son’s wife. When you visit Yokohama, be sure to try Cherry Blossom while thinking about the history of Japanese cocktails in Paris.


Let’s enjoy bar time in Japan even more! Cocktails made in Japan using sake

I want to enjoy sake when I travel to Japan! I’m sure there are many of you. In fact, many Japanese cocktails use sake. When you visit a bar, why not order a sake-based cocktail? You will discover new deliciousness that is completely different from enjoying the original taste of Japanese sake.


Thinking about the beautiful lake… “Fantastic Leman”

“Fantastic Leman” is an original cocktail created by Kazuo Ueda, who invented “Kings Valley.” In 1981, it won a silver medal at the World Cocktail Festival, sponsored by the International Bartenders Association, held in Switzerland. It is made with Japanese sake as a base, mixed with white curacao, lemon juice, and kirsch, mixed with tonic water. Finish by adding a drop of blue curacao.

This cocktail is inspired by Switzerland’s Lake Geneva, known as the “phantom lake.” As the name suggests, the beautiful blue gradation is reminiscent of a clear lake. It has a refreshing and refreshing taste that is hard to believe for a sake-based cocktail.


Touch the samurai spirit at night leisure! “Samurai Rock”

“Samurai Rock” is a cocktail made by adding sake and lime juice to a glass filled with ice. Sake and lime go well together, and it has a refreshing taste and is easy to drink. You can also feel the flavor and aftertaste of Japanese sake.

Originally, the drink was called “Sake Rock,” but in 1985 , the Japanese Sake Center asked for a name, and “Samurai” was chosen. After that, it came to be called “Samurai Rock” because it was drunk in a rock style.

Eleven sake breweries from Nada Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture, and Fushimi, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, which are famous for their sake producing areas, proposed Samurai Rock as a way to drink sake that is perfect for summer. Its promotional activities also became a hot topic.

When you visit a bar in Kobe, Itami, or Kyoto, be sure to enjoy Samurai Rock, a sake-producing area.


Cocktail “Marin Delight” that feels the sea breeze

“Marindelight”, which means “joy of the sea”, is a cocktail created in 1958 to commemorate the launch of the “Nippon Maru”. The inventor is Kazuo Ueda, one of Japan’s leading bartenders. The alcohol content is low so that you can drink it on the deck while being blown by the wind, so even those who are not sensitive to alcohol can enjoy it.

It features a refreshing taste that combines grapefruit, Cointreau, and blue curacao with a refreshing sake base. The beautiful light blue is reminiscent of a calm sea. It’s sweet and sour and easy to drink, making it a cocktail that will appeal to everyone.

A cup associated with the sea, befitting the island nation of Japan. When you visit a bar in Japan, be sure to sample Malin Delight while thinking about Japan’s seascapes.


Enjoy Japanese cocktails at the bar

When you visit a bar for a night of leisure, be sure to enjoy a Japanese cocktail. If you drink cocktails inspired by Japanese landscapes or cocktails made with sake, you will definitely feel the atmosphere of Japan.

You may also discover a new taste of alcohol. You’ll have an unforgettable night by pairing Japanese cocktails with your nighttime leisure activities.



Q.What are the famous Japanese cocktails?
A. Famous cocktails born in Japan include Yukiguni, Bamboo, Kings Valley, and Cherry Blossom.

Q.Where can I drink cocktails made in Japan?
A. Cocktails born in Japan can be enjoyed at various Japanese bars, including the bar where they originated. Even if it’s not on the menu, many restaurants will serve it to you if you order it from the bartender.