How to enjoy conveyor belt sushi? Introducing Japanese conveyor belt sushi etiquette and popular restaurants

Do you know about Japanese conveyor belt sushi? Conveyor belt sushi is popular among visitors to Japan, and there are many ways to enjoy it.

However, good manners are also important to avoid doing NG actions. So this time, we will introduce how to enjoy conveyor belt sushi. We have also compiled a list of etiquette to follow and popular conveyor belt sushi restaurants.

■What is sushi conveyor?

Conveyor belt sushi is a service in which sushi is served on a large lane and rotated along the seating area. You take the sushi that flows in front of you along with your plate and enjoy it as if it were half self-service.

However, in recent years, there are many styles in which the ordered sushi is delivered to the customer’s seats on the express lane. Conveyor belt sushi restaurants are cheaper than traditional sushi restaurants, and they offer a wide variety of side dishes other than sushi. Therefore, it is popular with a wide range of age groups, from children to adults.

There are two types of seating: face-to-face and non-face-to-face seating; in the face-to-face style, sushi chefs serve sushi directly, and in the non-face-to-face style, sushi made by sushi robots is served. Conveyor belt sushi began in 1958 with Japan’s first conveyor belt sushi restaurant, “Mawaru Genroku Sushi.”

After winning an award at the Japan World Exposition in 1970, it became widely known throughout Japan.


Why conveyor belt sushi is popular

A big reason why conveyor belt sushi is so popular is the presence of chain restaurants that serve sushi at low prices. Not only is the sushi cheap and delicious, but it’s also popular for the fun of the large lanes and the ease of ordering and paying with the touch panel. The customer base is wide, and you can enjoy your meal with a sense of entertainment.

In addition, some restaurants have introduced a system that allows you to see the price of sushi by color of plate, in order to make the price visible. Conveyor belt sushi is also characterized by the uniqueness that is sprinkled throughout the process from entering the restaurant to leaving the restaurant.


Also available for visitors to Japan

Conveyor belt sushi, which is popular among visitors to Japan, is designed to be enjoyed by many people. For example, we have made reception and ordering available in foreign languages, and we have set up pamphlets in foreign languages that explain how to enjoy conveyor belt sushi. There are many innovations that have been put in place to allow visitors to Japan to enjoy conveyor belt sushi with peace of mind.

There are also stores that offer menus tailored to foreign visitors and are putting effort into creating an environment where they can enjoy the Japanese atmosphere. However, the availability of these services differs depending on the store, so it is best to check before visiting.


■How to enjoy conveyor belt sushi and etiquette

Conveyor belt sushi has its own way of enjoying and etiquette. On weekends and holidays, there are many Japanese visitors, so it is often crowded. Therefore, more consideration is needed to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy their meals comfortably. Additionally, since customers are often responsible for ordering and preparing meals, good manners are essential.

Conveyor belt sushi restaurants often have soy sauce and chopsticks for sushi on the table, and there are hot water systems where you can drink tea freely. It is important to act in a way that everyone can enjoy comfortably. From here, we will introduce how to enjoy conveyor belt sushi and etiquette.


Take sushi from the lane

At conveyor belt sushi restaurants, where sushi is delivered to the customers’ seats, there are different ways to take the sushi. Be careful as it is a violation of etiquette if you take it incorrectly.

In the rotating lane, when the sushi you want is in front of you, you take the plate and the sushi together. Don’t put the plate you took on the lane again. Be careful not to touch anything other than the plate of sushi you want to eat.

In the express lane, where the sushi you order is delivered directly to you, you can pick up the entire plate when the sushi arrives. Since other people’s orders are also packed, it is good etiquette to take your sushi as soon as it arrives and not leave it unattended.


Popular with children! You can play mini games and gachapon

Conveyor belt sushi is cheap and delicious, but its appeal is that you can enjoy it in a playful way. At major chain store Kura Sushi, a popular mini-game known as “Bikkrapon” is popular, and the game starts when you put five finished plates into a special slot.

If you win, you can win a prize, so it is popular not only among adults but especially among playful children. At Hamazushi, a major chain restaurant, the “Hamakko Set” is popular. If you order a Hamakko set, you will receive coins and you can use it to play Gachapon inside the store.


The side menu is too rich.

In recent years, conveyor belt sushi restaurants have a wide variety of side menus. There are many popular menu items other than sushi, such as soups and fried foods.

Ramen, a Japanese soul food, is also popular among visitors to Japan. Depending on the side menu, you can create your own original way of eating by adding seasonings available on the table.

You’ll have fun finding your favorite way to eat it and finding your favorite side menu. However, the contents of the side menu vary depending on the store.


Conveyor belt sushi etiquette and unacceptable behavior

Conveyor belt sushi etiquette includes certain unacceptable behaviors. The details are as follows.

● Take something other than what you ordered
● Return the plate you touched to the lane
● Coughing or sneezing into the lane.
● The act of leaving behind what you have chosen.

Almost all orders at conveyor belt sushi are placed on the lane. Therefore, although it may be possible to take it by mistake, it is strictly prohibited to take it intentionally.

Also, it is good manners to eat a plate that you have touched without returning it to the lane. Furthermore, be careful not to cough or sneeze into the lane, as it is bad etiquette from the perspective of infectious diseases.


■4 popular conveyor belt sushi restaurants

There are many popular conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Japan. What these stores have in common is low prices. Popular conveyor belt sushi restaurants have various characteristics based on “cheap and delicious”.

From here, we will introduce four popular conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Japan. We have also summarized the characteristics of each store and the reasons for their popularity.


Sushiro has the number one store nationwide

With 651 stores nationwide (as of 2022), Sushiro is the conveyor belt sushi restaurant with the largest number of stores among major chain stores. By attaching IC chips to sushi plates and collecting information, we also contributed to food waste. Sushiro is also the company that introduced “visualization of amounts” by color-coding plates.

Sushiro’s sushi has a reputation for being inexpensive and of good quality. Another reason for its popularity is that the operation is easy to understand, so you can eat with peace of mind. When you use Sushiro, you can get stamps for children. It is also popular with children because you can get goods when you collect stamps.


“Hama Sushi” with high cost performance

Hamazushi was founded in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, and has 559 stores nationwide (as of 2022). We are particular about the toppings and sushi, and we place emphasis on the style of cooking in-store. One of the reasons for its popularity is the development of carefully selected original products and the provision of inexpensive, high-quality sushi.

We are also working hard to reduce waiting times through the use of apps so that you can use our services comfortably and smoothly. We actively use coupons, etc., and are unique in our efforts to offer meals at great value.


Excellent entertainment “Kura Sushi”

Founded in 1977, Kura Sushi was founded in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. We developed the first box seats for a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, and became popular among families. “Bikkura Pon!”, which starts when you put your finished plate into the collection slot on the table, is a system exclusive to Kura Sushi. Bigkurapon! If you win, you will receive a prize, and it is popular with both adults and children because it is highly entertaining.

Kura Sushi is particular about its 100 yen sushi, which is cheap and delicious. There is a wide variety of menu items other than sushi, and another nice feature is that they do not use preservatives such as chemical seasonings or artificial sweeteners.


“Genki Sushi” is a hot spot for inbound visitors.

Genki Sushi began as a Genroku Sushi franchise. Founded in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture, we currently have stores overseas. Since 2013, we have switched to a “non-rotating sushi” format and serve sushi only after receiving an order. This is a sushi restaurant that pursues “tastiness, fun, and speed” with the image of a sushi restaurant. The style of transporting sushi using vehicles on lanes is eye-catching and fun.

Another feature is that we handle inbound tourism. Although it differs depending on the store, some tablets for ordering are available in foreign languages, and some offer menus tailored to customers visiting Japan.


■Sushi conveyor belt is delicious! fun! cheap! The triple beat of. Japanese food culture that you must visit at least once

Japanese conveyor belt sushi is not only high quality and delicious, but also fun. We place emphasis on making sure that a variety of customer groups can enjoy sushi.

Of course, the low price is also a big attraction. However, etiquette is important to enjoy conveyor belt sushi. Let’s be careful about NG behavior and make sure that as many people as possible can enjoy conveyor belt sushi comfortably. Be sure to try “conveyor belt sushi”, a beloved part of Japanese food culture.


Q. What is the difference between rotating lanes and limited express lanes?
A. In most cases, the revolving lane is such that the sushi is always on the lane and rotates around the store. Limited express lanes generally deliver only ordered products to specific customer seats.

Q.What should I do if I make a mistake and place a different order?
A. As soon as you notice something, call a store clerk. Even if you happen to eat something, it is important to report it honestly.