8 recommended night spots in Hokkaido! Explaining how to enjoy each area

Do you want to enjoy Hokkaido’s nightlife to the fullest or know about Hokkaido’s night spots? Hokkaido has many spots where you can enjoy the night as well. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce eight night spots where you can enjoy the night while feeling the unique charm of Hokkaido. We also explain the characteristics of each area and local specialties, so please take a look.

■What is Hokkaido’s climate and specialty products?

Hokkaido is the northernmost region of Japan. It has a large area, accounting for about one-fifth of Japan. Sightseeing spots are often located far apart from each other, but the long, straight road makes the drive comfortable.

Hokkaido’s climate is characterized by low temperatures and snow for half the year. From December to March, it would be best to take special measures against the cold and bring snow boots. Short sleeves are fine during the day in July and August, but mornings and evenings can get cold.

Surrounded on all sides by the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of ​​Japan, and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, the area is rich in seafood, with salmon, salmon roe, sea urchin, and hairy crabs being especially famous. Dairy farming is also popular, and cheese and butter are also popular products.

■[Recommended night spots in Hokkaido] Eastern Hokkaido area

The eastern Hokkaido area includes Kushiro and Tokachi, and is an area where you can experience the great nature of Hokkaido. It is famous for its world natural heritage sites and national parks, and is also known as a habitat for natural monuments such as the red-crowned crane.

”Kita no Yatai” where you can enjoy local ingredients

Kita no Yatai is a food stall village created by volunteers to revitalize Obihiro City.

With a commitment to local production for local consumption, you can enjoy regional ingredients in a variety of menus, from home-cooked meals to Italian, French, and Korean cuisine. Winter food stalls are worried about the cold, but each of the food stalls in the north has built an enclosure so that you can enjoy the food at your leisure.

”Tokachi Night River Cruising” to enjoy the river at night slowly

Tokachi Night River Cruising is an activity where you cruise down the Obihiro River at night. There is very little rowing or listening to the guide.

It’s a quiet night, so it’s a relaxing time to listen to the sounds of animals and nature, away from everyday life. Also, on a clear day, you may be able to see a sky full of stars. The cost is 8,000 yen per person, and after cruising, you will receive a gift of carefully selected local sweets.

The exciting and romantic atmosphere will be enjoyed by both children and adults.

■[Recommended night spots in Hokkaido] Hokkaido area

The Northern Hokkaido area, which includes Asahikawa, Furano, and Wakkanai, has many photogenic spots. The northern Hokkaido area is also famous for its lavender fields and offers idyllic scenery, as well as places where you can enjoy your evening to the fullest.

”3rd and 6th Street” retains the retro atmosphere of the Showa era

3rd and 6th Streets are Hokkaido’s second busiest shopping district after Susukino, with approximately 1,000 restaurants. 3-jo 6-chome is said to be the origin of the name.

Asahikawa is famous for its sake, and is also known as a cocktail town, so you might be able to find a drink that will become a memory of your trip. Compared to the downtown area of ​​a big city, it is reasonably priced and easily accessible, and you can enjoy lively nights in this town that is also popular with tourists.

Fantastic illumination of ”Whitebeard Falls”

Shirahige Falls is located upstream of the clear blue Biei River, and it flows without freezing even in the middle of winter. Not only is it impressive and the beauty of the water surface is impressive, but the fact that underground water flows out from cracks in the rocks is also a rare feature, making it a must-see.

The illuminations held throughout the year create an even more magical atmosphere. The Blue Pond located downstream of Shirahige Falls is also a popular tourist spot, and in winter when the water surface is frozen, you can enjoy it lit up with various lighting patterns.

■[Recommended night spots in Hokkaido] Central Hokkaido area

The central Hokkaido area is a popular tourist destination, home to Hokkaido’s largest city, Sapporo. You can sightsee right away from New Chitose Airport, making it suitable for first-timers to Hokkaido, but there are also plenty of night spots, so I’ll introduce two here.

”Moiwa Mountain” with a spectacular view

Mt. Moiwa is a scenic spot overlooking the city of Sapporo that has been selected as one of Japan’s new top three night views. The summit can be accessed by ropeway and cable car, and it is popular as an easy mountain to climb, so it is crowded with climbers in the summer.

It is also known for its “bell of happiness” at the top of the mountain, and is famous as a sacred place for lovers.

Stroll through the historic town ”Otaru Canal”

The Otaru Canal is a river created in 1923 (Taisho 12) to improve transportation efficiency at Otaru Port. Now that it is no longer in use, it has been maintained and the surrounding area is becoming popular as a walking route.

There are reliefs depicting the history of Otaru and a group of stone warehouses that retain the atmosphere of the time, making it a fun spot to just walk around. It will be lit up to match the gas lamps that come on at sunset, so you can enjoy a different charm during the day and at night.

■[Recommended night spots in Hokkaido] Southern Hokkaido area

The southern Hokkaido area, which has the least amount of snow in Hokkaido, is home to exotic townscapes and the popular tourist destination Hakodate. There are some attractive places even at night, so we will introduce two spots where you can enjoy food, drinks, and the atmosphere.

”Daimon Yokocho” is a popular food stall village full of small shops.

Daimon Yokocho is a food stall village with 26 shops, the largest in Tohoku and north. In addition to seafood, you can enjoy a variety of Hokkaido gourmet foods such as oden and Genghis Khan.

Many of the shops are small with counter seats only, and one of the things you look forward to is communicating with the shop owners and other customers. The drinking event “Daimon Bar” is held irregularly, and many restaurants around Hakodate Station also participate. There will also be a stamp rally where you can win gorgeous prizes, which will make your drinking experience even more fun.

”Night View Bar Esterado” where you can enjoy drinks and the mood

Night View Bar Esterado is a bar on the top floor of the hotel, and as the name suggests, it’s a spot where you can enjoy the night view. The counter seats facing Mt. Hakodate are particularly popular, providing a relaxing space where you can enjoy a drink while looking out at the spectacular view that stretches out from the window.

They also have wines from Hokkaido and original cocktails inspired by northern Japan, making this a must-see spot for alcohol lovers. In addition, the culture of “shime parfait”, which ends meals and drinks with a parfait, is said to have originated in Hokkaido, and you can enjoy sweets for adults at Night View Bar Estelado.

■Enjoy your night at recommended night spots in Hokkaido

We introduced night spots in Hokkaido that will enrich your night life. Another reason why you need enough time to fully enjoy Hokkaido is that there are many attractive places to visit.

In addition to seafood and alcoholic beverages, the extraordinary experiences such as the spectacular scenery created by the majestic nature may become unforgettable memories. There are many spots to enjoy even at night, and each area has a different atmosphere, so you can find different ways to enjoy each area.

Why not use the information in this article as a reference and enjoy the charm of Hokkaido at night?

Q.Are there any spots in Hokkaido that can be enjoyed at night?
A. Yes. There are a variety of spots to go to for food, drinks, and night views, but Hokkaido is vast and can be affected by snow, so if you have a particular place you want to go to, it’s best to think about your means of transportation in advance.

Q.Does the atmosphere differ depending on the area?
A: Yes. Because Hokkaido is vast, there are differences in climate, and the townscapes and scenery will vary. However, you can fully enjoy gourmet food and nature in all areas.