Have a special day at the aquarium at night! 6 fantastic and unique aquariums near Tokyo

Have you ever visited a night aquarium in Japan? The aquarium at night is a fantastic way to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Not only can you enjoy watching the creatures swim, but you can also spend your time in a way that you can’t enjoy during the day. However, many people may not know what kind of aquariums there are.

So this time, we will introduce 6 aquariums near Tokyo that are open at night.

■What is the charm of an aquarium at night?

The aquarium at night is full of various charms, with a fantastic atmosphere and an extraordinary space. However, many aquariums in Japan close in the evening, so there may be a limited number of aquariums that are open after 6pm.

From here, we will introduce some of the charms of aquariums at night.

There are plans that can only be enjoyed at night.

Actually, the aquarium has a plan that can only be enjoyed at night. For example, many aquariums offer ways to spend your time other than looking at sea creatures, such as dolphin shows held only at night and relaxing with an alcoholic drink in hand.

Aquariums that are often open during the day tend to be empty at night. Especially on weekday nights, you can relax and enjoy the freshness.

Romantic atmosphere

At night, the aquarium changes from a bright and lively interior to a romantic atmosphere. The fantastic space is also perfect for an adult date.

Some aquariums have adult-only plans where you can rent the aquarium after it closes, giving you a different way to enjoy it than during the day. However, there are only a limited number of aquariums that are open after 6pm, so it’s best to check in advance.

Extraordinary space

One of the charms of an aquarium at night is that you can enjoy an extraordinary space. The dazzling illuminations create a magical atmosphere. The lights illuminating the aquarium and the inside of the facility are as gorgeous as illuminations.

Since you can enjoy the space itself, you will be immersed in a world far away from reality. ”Projection mapping,” which uses a projector to project images, is also attractive.

■How to enjoy the aquarium only at night

A unique way to enjoy the aquarium at night is to enjoy a drink while watching the beautiful light display.

Also, many aquariums hold events only at night, so there are events that cannot be experienced during the day. For example, observing the night-time ecology of sea creatures. These events are also good opportunities for children.

Some aquariums have attractions installed. At attractions set up outdoors, you can also enjoy the night view.

■I want to go at night! 6 aquariums near Tokyo

There are especially many aquariums that are open until night in the Tokyo area. It’s easy to access, and there are fun spots around the aquarium.

Here we will introduce six aquariums near Tokyo that you should visit at night.

[Adult night] Sumida Aquarium

”Sumida Aquarium”, which is recommended for adults at night, is unique in that the inside of the facility is illuminated with blue light after 6pm. You can see creatures of the night in an atmosphere that looks like moonlight.

It’s also a great place to relax while drinking alcohol, or use it for reading or studying. Sumida Aquarium also has experience programs for adults only, so you can enjoy the night to your heart’s content.

There are also many commercial facilities and restaurants around the aquarium. After enjoying the aquarium, it would be a good idea to have a leisurely meal.

[Sophisticated space] Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

The sophisticated space of ”Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa” is famous for its fantastic dolphin show. The beautiful collaboration of light and water will captivate your eyes. We also recommend the ”Water Curtain Call,” which is a sculpture of sound, light, and water.

The illumination inside the building is reminiscent of urban illumination. You can enjoy an extraordinary atmosphere just by looking at the inside of the building while drinking alcohol. The attraction is available until 7pm. Aqua Park Shinagawa is right next to Shinagawa Station, so the surrounding environment is great.

[Oasis in the city] Sunshine Aquarium

”Sunshine Aquarium”, an oasis in the city, is beautifully illuminated at night. When you look up at the outdoor aquarium, it looks like sea creatures are flying in the sky. This kind of performance is famous as the ”Flying Penguin,” and you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere at night. In the summer, a beer garden is held on the premises.

The aquarium is located within the commercial facility “Sunshine City”. There are many leisure facilities, so you can enjoy it both day and night. However, the aquarium’s business hours vary depending on the period, so please check from time to time.

[Plenty of leisure options] Yokohama/Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

”Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise” is famous as an aquarium with plenty of leisure activities. Sea Paradise is a marine leisure complex that includes an aquarium, amusement park, shopping mall, restaurant, hotel, marina, etc. There are plenty of commercial facilities and restaurants, so you’ll never get bored.

The dolphin show, created by combining sound, light, and video, is one of the major attractions. What makes this aquarium different from other aquariums is that there is a ”Paradise Night Pass” that allows you to enjoy both the aquarium and a wide variety of attractions. Recommended for people who want to play and not just watch. Also, prices vary greatly depending on how you spend your time.

[Good access from Tokyo] Kawasui/Kawasaki Aquarium

”Kawasui Kawasaki Aquarium”, which is easily accessible from Tokyo, holds “Amazon Night” in the evening. The appeal is that you can have an exciting experience that feels like exploring the real Amazon jungle. You can fully experience the ecology of nocturnal animals and the dark night of the jungle.

Kawasui/Kawasaki Aquarium has several ”healing space cafes”, and you can also enjoy a rare cat cafe at an aquarium. From waterfronts around the world such as the Amazon to the ecological environment of the local Tama River, please experience the realistic behavior of living things.

[The spacious world of the sea in Ibaraki] Aqua World Ibaraki Prefecture Oarai Aquarium

”Aqua World Ibaraki Prefecture Oarai Aquarium”, where you can immerse yourself in the vast ocean world of Ibaraki, is open in the evening only on Saturdays. The inside of the museum at night, called “Night Aqua World,” is attractive with its blue-lit aquarium. Dolphins and other sea animals perform in sync with sound and animation.

At Aqua World, you can also enjoy meals from the evening limited menu. Hitachi Seaside Park, a famous tourist spot, can be accessed in about an hour by train.

■The aquarium at night is a new world! Enjoy the fantastic space near Tokyo

The aquarium at night is like a new world that you can’t experience during the day. It has a charm that can only be seen at night, such as when it is lit up and when a night version of the show is held. There are several aquariums near Tokyo that are open until night, making them a must-visit spot at least once. Please enjoy this unique way of enjoying things other than just looking at sea creatures.

Q. Until what time is the aquarium generally open at night?
A. It depends on each aquarium. The dates may change depending on the time of year and day of the week, so it’s best to check the official website in advance.
Q. Are aquariums outside of Tokyo open at night?
A. Some aquariums are open. Each aquarium has different characteristics, so each aquarium is worth a visit. However, many aquariums in Tokyo tend to be open until night.