I want to take a walk in a kimono at night! Introducing 5 kimono rental shops in Asakusa and precautions

Do you want to know where you can rent kimonos at night? Kimonos are popular among foreign visitors to Japan, and many people would like to wear them for a walk at night. However, there are many people who do not know where to rent kimono at night.

Therefore, this time we will introduce a shop in Asakusa where you can rent kimonos at night. We have also summarized precautions and walking spots in the area.

■Can I rent a kimono even at night?

Enjoying walks and meals while wearing a kimono is a uniquely Japanese charm. When you take a stroll at night, you will feel the Japanese spirit amidst the quiet streets and illuminated streets. You can rent kimonos at shops, but many of them are closed late at night. If you want to rent until the evening, check the closing times and plans.

Some kimono rental stores have advantageous night pack plans. Even if you rent a kimono at night, you can return it the next day. At stores that have a night pack plan, you don’t have to worry about late fees even at night. There are many shops that have reasonable prices and no extra charges. Some stores allow you to return items by mail, so you don’t have to worry if you have trouble coming to the store.

If you want to relax during the day, it’s best to rent it early in the day. You can enjoy kimono for a long time.

■5 Asakusa Kimono Rental Shops Where You Can Stroll Around in a Kimono Even at Night

Asakusa is also a famous tourist spot, and the charming cityscape at night is also a recommended area for a stroll. This time, we will introduce 5 kimono rental shops in Asakusa where you can walk around wearing a kimono even at night.

Stylish kimono rental

“Stylish Kimono Rental” is a kimono rental store that is open until 9pm. It is popular as the store that stays open until the latest hours in the Asakusa area. This is a shop you should check out if you want to rent a kimono until the evening. You can leave your luggage for free, so there is no need to leave it in a coin locker.

If you want to rent a kimono without worrying about time, use the night plan. There is an additional charge of 1,000 yen, but you can rent a kimono until the next day.

Reiwa clothes

“Reiwafuku” has everything you need to wear a kimono. Therefore, there is no need to prepare hair ornaments or accessories. All kimonos in the store can be rented for the same price, and the price is easy to understand and includes hair styling. We also have a wide range of discount plans, so you can keep costs down.

The store has staff who can speak English, so foreign tourists can feel at ease. They also have a plan to return your kimono the next day, so if you want to wear your kimono until late at night, you might want to take advantage of this.


Rika kimono

“Rika Wafuku” is a kimono rental store with the largest store area in Asakusa. It is used by more than 180,000 people a year and is loved by many. We are particular about displaying rental prices that include tax, and offer them at easy-to-understand prices. All kimonos are priced the same, and the price also includes tabi and drawstring bags.

The store has staff who can speak English and Chinese, and can speak a wide range of foreign languages. There is also a luggage storage service. Next-day return is available for around 2,000 yen, and same-day reservations are also possible.

Japanese music

Waraku, which has the largest inventory in Asakusa, is a rental store with a large selection of kimonos. We carry large-sized kimonos, so even larger people and foreign tourists can use our shop with peace of mind. Of course, we also have staff who can speak foreign languages.

The “Night Pack Plan” allows you to rent until late at night, and not only can you return the vehicle the next day, but you can also return it by mail. Waraku’s rental fee includes not only the kimono but also hair and accessories. Same-day reception is also possible, and you can leave your luggage for free.



“VASARA Asakusa Ekimae Store” is the closest kimono rental store to Asakusa Station. There are three stores in the same chain in the Asakusa area: Asakusa Ekimae Store, Asakusa Main Store, and Sensoji Store, which are frequented by many people. With the cheapest plan, you can rent from 3,278 yen (tax included) with an online application price, and you can choose the plan that suits your purpose.

If you pay an additional fee, you can return the item to another store in the same group as the one you rented it from. You can also return it the next day.

■Asakusa area where you can enjoy a walk wearing a kimono at night

Asakusa, Tokyo is a place where you can enjoy walking around wearing a kimono at night. It is famous as a representative tourist spot in Japan and is visited by many tourists every year. Asakusa is an attractive area not only during the day but also at night. From here, we will introduce the Asakusa area where you can enjoy walking around in a kimono at night.

The classic “Sensoji”

The illumination of the famous Sensoji Temple is majestic and impressive. It’s quiet at night and you’ll have a relaxing time.

As you pass through the Kaminarimon gate, the entrance to Sensoji Temple, you will see the shutter murals of Nakamise Street. The shutter murals of closed shops vividly depict Asakusa’s traditional features.

This is the Japanese bar “Hoppy Street”

Asakusa is home to Japan’s most famous bar, “Hoppy Street,” which is famous as a drinking spot. You can enjoy the fun atmosphere even if you don’t drink alcohol. Since it’s open from noon, you can enjoy the downtown bar until late at night.

“Sumida River area” full of the atmosphere of a downtown area

The area around the Sumida River, full of the atmosphere of a downtown area, is close to Asakusa and within walking distance of the tourist attraction Tokyo Skytree. Enjoy a stroll along Sumida River Walk, the shortest path connecting Asakusa and Sky Tree. However, please be careful of the time as the gate closes at 10pm.

You can stop by Tokyo Mizumachi, a commercial facility along the river, or enjoy dinner on a houseboat.

■Points to note when renting a kimono late at night

There are a few things to keep in mind when renting a kimono late at night. Unlike if you only want to rent a kimono for the day, it is important to check the closing time and late fees beforehand. From here, we will introduce points to note in order.

There are few shops that allow late returns.

There are very few kimono rental shops that allow you to return kimono late at night. General business hours are from 9:00 to 18:00, and there are not many shops that are open until late. The final return time tends to be 30 minutes before closing time.

Additional late fees will apply after closing time. If you think you’ll be late returning your kimono, it’s a good idea to consider a plan in advance that allows you to return it the next day.

If you arrive late, the number of kimonos may be limited.

If you arrive late at the rental store, the number of kimonos will be limited. The later you arrive at the store, the sooner your kimono will be rented. If you want to choose from a variety of kimonos, visit the store early in the morning if possible.

If you want to wear your favorite pattern or popular kimono, it is best to arrange your schedule in advance.

Late return times tend to be crowded.

Kimono rental shops tend to be crowded during late return times. This is because it is easier for people who want to rent until the last minute to return the car or those who are in a hurry to get home to concentrate. It will take some time to wait to get changed, so consider your plans and distance from the kimono rental store in advance.

Also, it takes time to move around in an unfamiliar kimono. You can feel safe if you take your actions with plenty of time to spare. Be especially careful during nighttime events such as fireworks displays, and during busy times such as late return times.

■Let’s walk around Asakusa wearing a kimono at night

If you want to take a walk in a kimono at night, it is important to choose a rental shop where you can rent kimonos until late at night. You can easily manage your budget and schedule by checking plans that allow you to return the item the next day and understanding late fees. Be sure to visit Asakusa at night and enjoy walking around in a kimono.


Q. In what areas are there many kimono rental shops?
A. Outside of Asakusa, I get the impression that there are many tourist attractions in Japan such as Kyoto and Kamakura.
Q. What are the benefits of wearing a kimono at night?
A. By planning your schedule in advance, including the kimono rental store, nearest station, and accommodation, you can enjoy your trip with plenty of time to spare.