What are the spots where you can do anime cosplay? Introducing rules to follow

Anime is Japanese pop culture, and some people may become interested in Japan through anime. It’s only natural that if you love an anime or character, you want to look like them.

There are several spots in Japan where you can do anime cosplay. Some spots require you to prepare all your own costumes, while others have all the costumes prepared and you can enjoy anime cosplay even if you don’t bring your own.

Also, in order to enjoy anime cosplay in a pleasant way for those around you, there are some rules that you should follow, so be sure to know them in advance. In this article, we will introduce spots where you can do anime cosplay.

■Rules for enjoying anime cosplay

When cosplaying, there are rules and etiquette that are set for each event and photo spot.

To avoid trouble and fully enjoy anime cosplay in Japan, be sure to know the rules and etiquette.

Avoid lending and borrowing things as much as possible

When participating in a cosplay event, please avoid borrowing or borrowing items as much as possible.

In addition to money, lending and borrowing accessories such as weapons and wigs used for cosplay can cause problems such as things not being returned or items being damaged.

Especially when it comes to cosplay, there are many items that are easily damaged or lost, such as small parts and decorations, so please avoid lending or borrowing items.

Check if the event is okay to participate in cosplay

If you are going to participate in an event, be sure to check if it is okay to participate in cosplay. Even if it’s an anime event, you may not be allowed to participate in cosplay.

Be sure to check the rules and prohibitions of the event you want to participate in as a cosplayer beforehand, such as on the official website. If there is no mention of cosplay on the official website, please do not judge on your own and contact the event organizer.

Do not apply makeup or change clothes in the bathroom

When changing into your cosplay costume or applying makeup, be sure to use the changing room or the hotel room you reserved.

Restrooms are public facilities that are also used by the general public, so changing clothes or applying makeup in the restrooms can be a nuisance.
Be sure to use the changing rooms provided at the event.

Check if the area is available for shooting

At cosplay events and studios, there are areas where photography is allowed and areas where photography is not allowed. Please check in advance the areas where you can take pictures and the time you can take pictures, and stick to them.

Also, if you want to take photos at a pilgrimage to a sacred place, rather than at an event, you need to give careful consideration to things like “Is it a good place to take photos?” “Are there other people in the photo?”

Check size regulations for large weapons, etc.

Depending on the size of the cosplay event venue and the number of participants, there may be restrictions on the size of large weapons and props.

Be sure to check in advance what size items you can bring to avoid injuring others or damaging equipment.

If you really want to bring large props, we recommend using a private studio.

No noise at the shooting location

It’s easy to get excited by cosplaying your favorite anime, but try not to make a fuss at the filming location.

Music studios are well soundproofed, but studios used for general cosplay photo shoots are likely to have inadequate soundproofing equipment.

Please be careful not to make too much noise so as not to disturb people living near the studio or shooting location.

Must return to original state

Depending on the cosplay event or studio, props and sets such as chairs and desks may be provided.

If the event terms and conditions state that use is OK, there is no problem in using it. After using the item, be sure to return it to its original location for the next person to use it.

We recommend taking photos of what was where before you rent it so you can check it when cleaning up afterwards.

Be sure to take your trash home with you and dispose of it yourself.

Please obtain permission before photographing cosplayers.

Cosplay events sometimes have high-quality or famous cosplayers participating.

It looks like it just jumped out of an anime, and you’ll want to take a photo with it. However, it is bad manners to take photos without permission.

Be sure to get permission from the cosplayer before taking photos.

■Spots where you can do anime cosplay

We’ll introduce you to spots where you can do anime cosplay.

The studio, which rents out costumes and props and has a photographer on staff, is a cosplay spot that is easy to stop by in between sightseeing and where even beginners can try their hand at it.

Choose one that suits your cosplay style.

Japan’s largest cosplay photo studio “HACOSTADIUM”

“HACOSTADIUM OSAKA” in Osaka is a photography studio with more than 35 types of authentic photography spaces on 5 floors, including school classrooms and ruins.

We also rent some costumes, props used for photography, and photography equipment such as cameras.

If you want to enjoy cosplaying alone or are not confident in taking photos, please use the photo service provided by HACOSTADIUM photographers.

Reservations are required for the photography service, and advance reservations are recommended as same-day reservations will not be available once the quota has expired.

“Four-M” where you can experience everything from cosplay to Japanese clothes

“Four-M” in Osaka is a photography studio specializing in foreign tourists. We have staff who can speak English and Chinese, so you can use our service with confidence even if you can’t speak Japanese.

At Four-M, you can rent costumes, Japanese clothes, props, etc. from popular anime, and there are also seven types of background booths, so it’s recommended for those who want to casually enjoy cosplay.

Four-M has three plans, which differ in shooting time and service content. Please book a plan that suits your travel plans.

Iwaki Yumoto Onsen, a historic hot spring town in Fukushima Prefecture

“Iwaki Onsen” in Fukushima Prefecture is not a place exclusively for cosplay, but there are many places where you can take cosplay photos, and it is affectionately known as the “sacred place for cosplayers.”

Another great thing about this place is that you can enjoy a Japanese inn or a hot spring after cosplaying.

However, there are some areas where photography is not allowed, and there are also members of the public, so be careful not to disturb them.

Also, we do not rent cosplay costumes here, so you will need to bring your own costumes and accessories for cosplay.

“Hokkori-do” where you can take photos with the forest and old folk house-style buildings

Hokkori-do in Saitama Prefecture is an old folk house that can be rented out for private photo shoots, and is a rare spot in Japan that allows the use of blood paste.

The old houses and abandoned houses are surrounded by beautiful forests, and you will be captivated by the exotic atmosphere.
This is just a photo spot, so costumes are not available for rent, and you can rent it out for private use only.

Also, please note that reservations are required when using this service.

■Follow the rules and become your favorite character

Cosplay is an important part of Japanese culture. Cosplay culture has spread throughout Japan, and more and more places are being opened as photo spots.

However, there are some photo spots that are no longer available due to bad etiquette by some users.

It may be tempting to get out of hand, but please enjoy your cosplay by following the rules and etiquette so as not to disturb those around you.

Q. Is there anything prohibited at cosplay events?

A.Cosplaying from professions with special legal responsibilities, such as police officers, Self-Defense Forces, medical personnel such as doctors and nurses, and security guards, is prohibited. Anti-social or generally disgusting material, as well as excessive exposure, are also prohibited. Also, depending on the event, warnings or cancellation may be taken at the discretion of the staff.

Q.Where can I shoot anime cosplay?

A. Anime cosplay can be taken at cosplay photo studios, cosplay events, facilities with permission for cosplay photo shoots, and outdoors. When taking cosplay photos, be sure to follow the rules and etiquette of the photo spot and be considerate of those around you.