【By area】 6 recommended night spots in Akita Prefecture! Introducing the features and charms

Would you like to know about recommended night spots in Akita Prefecture? Akita Prefecture has some attractive night spots, so you can make that wish come true.

In this article, we will introduce recommended night spots in each area for foreigners who are planning to visit Akita Prefecture. We introduce the characteristics and charms of each spot, so please use this as a reference when choosing a spot.

■What is the climate and specialty products of Akita Prefecture?

Akita Prefecture’s climate is characterized by mild summers and harsh winters. Summer is easy to spend because the rainy season is short, and there are many sunny days with longer daylight hours compared to areas on the Pacific coast.

Additionally, since the climate is typical of the Sea of ​​Japan, strong northwest seasonal winds from Siberia blow in the winter. You may be faced with deep snow, so snow protection is essential.

There are many Akita Prefecture specialties such as kiritanpo, Sakuraba udon, and Hatahata sushi. Please come and enjoy Akita’s unique cuisine and drinks.

■【Recommended night spots in Akita Prefecture】Akita area

Recommended night spots in the Akita area include downtown areas, activity facilities, food stall villages, and beer bars. Ideal for those who want to enjoy drinking and having fun.


If you are looking for a downtown area in Akita, this is the place to go: “Kawabata Street.”

Kawabata Dori is the largest and most famous downtown area in Akita Prefecture. The locals call it “Kawabata,” and it is crowded with people at night.

It is a long downtown area that stretches from north to south along the river, and is home to a variety of drinking establishments, including izakaya bars, shops that serve local cuisine and alcohol, beer bars, and snack bars.

The history of Kawabata dates back to the Meiji era. It is said that the downtown area began when geisha shops and restaurants that were destroyed in an incident called the Tawaraya Fire were relocated one after another to Kawabata. It is still a popular and lively spot.

There are lodging facilities and hot spring facilities in the surrounding area, as well as places where you can relax. Recommended for those who want to soothe their souls with fun drinks, and soothe their bodies and minds with warm hot springs and futons.

“Akita Port Tower Selion”where you can enjoy various night views depending on the direction

Akita Port Tower Selion is a 143m tall tower that can be enjoyed for free. A beautiful night view can be seen from the observation deck, and a variety of people come here all year round, including couples, couples, and families with children.

From the 100m high observation deck, you can enjoy a completely different night view depending on the direction you look at: Akita city, factory night view, or Akita port. You can see different colored lights depending on the day of the week, and you can also enjoy the changing lighting inside the observation room.

“Quadome The Boon” where you can enjoy a night pool in the eternal summer

Quadome The Boon is a large facility filled with play and relaxation. You can enjoy not only the open-air bath and pool and waterslide using hot spring water, but also the restaurant, cafeteria, relaxation room, and game corner.

The cafeteria is located by the pool, so you can use it as a place to take a break when you get tired of swimming.

“Akita Yatai Village Tobaccoza Yokocho” has increased the number of stores due to renewal

Akita Yatai Village Tobaccoza Yokocho is a food stall village located in Omachi, Akita City that was created for the purpose of revitalizing the Omachi/Kawabata area. It is lined with izakayas and bars where you can enjoy local cuisine and B-class gourmet food.

The shops are divided into numbers 1 to 10, each with a different atmosphere. There are casual snack bars where you can enjoy all-you-can-drink for 30 minutes for 1,500 yen, and izakaya bars where you can enjoy local sake and fresh seafood procured by the owners themselves. You can enjoy local cuisine while enjoying plenty of alcohol.

“Beer Bar Akura” is a beer bar where you can enjoy various Akita Akura beers.

At Beer Bar Akura, you can enjoy Akita Akura beer. There are many menu items using ingredients from Akita Prefecture, making it perfect for dinner.

All of them are made to go well with beer, and there are all-you-can-drink beer and all-you-can-alcohol menus.

■【Recommended night spots in Akita Prefecture】Oga area

Recommended night spots in the Oga area include bars where you can enjoy fisherman’s cuisine and hot spring facilities where you can experience the Namahage legend.


“Akita Banya Sakaba” where you can enjoy Akita fisherman’s cuisine

Akita Banya Sakaba is an izakaya where you can enjoy fisherman’s food. The concept is a banya that combines a workshop and accommodation for fishermen.

It is introduced as an Oga area because it is affiliated with Oga City and allows you to enjoy Oga’s Namahage culture and food.

We serve your favorite ingredients robatayaki, allowing you to enjoy dishes packed with the aroma and flavor of seafood. Local dishes such as local fish sashimi, iburi gakko, and sandfish sushi are also recommended.

“Oga Onsenkyo” where you can experience the Namahage legend

Oga Onsenkyo is a hot spring where you can fully enjoy the beauty of your skin and the culture of Akita. You can enjoy watching the color of the hot water change from brown to green to white depending on the season and temperature.

Oga is an area where the custom of “Oga Namahage”, which has been registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, has taken root. At Oga Onsen, you can enjoy “Namahage Taiko,” a fusion of Namahage and traditional Japanese drums. However, children between 0 and 6 years old are not allowed to use the hot springs.

■【Recommended night spots in Akita Prefecture】Yokote area

At night spots in the Yokote area, you can enjoy illuminated castles and panoramic hot springs. Recommended for those who want to go to a healing spot.


“Yokote Park Yokote Castle” where the illuminated castle is impressive

Yokote Castle, located in Yokote Park, is lit up at night. The light makes the whiteness of the castle tower stand out, and the contrast created by the shadows cast on the roof is quite impressive.

There are street lights where you walk, so it’s safe to walk at night. In winter, a kamakura is built in front of the castle tower, creating a magical atmosphere. Recommended for those who like fantasy atmospheres and castles.

“Yokote Ekimae Onsen Yuyu Plaza” with a private observation bath

Yokote Ekimae Onsen Yuyu Plaza is a hot spring facility where you can take a day trip to the hot springs or stay overnight. There are natural hot springs that you can tour, rock baths, and private observation baths, so couples and families can spend a relaxing time together. There is also a sauna and massage services that will soothe your mind and body.

■Let’s enjoy the night at recommended night spots in Akita Prefecture

We have carefully selected and introduced famous places and places that are popular with locals from among the recommended night spots in Akita Prefecture. The night spots we introduced include izakaya bars where you can enjoy drinks and food, night pools, hot springs, and places where you can enjoy the night view.

You can also experience Akita’s famous Namahage culture, enjoy local cuisine and local sake, and fully enjoy the charm of Akita. When you come to Akita, please enjoy sightseeing and nightlife.

Q.Are there any recommended night spots in Akita Prefecture?
A. There are six recommended night spots in Akita Prefecture. We recommend Kawabata Street, Akita Port Tower Selion, Quadome The Boon, Akita Yatai Village Tobaccoza Yokocho, Beer Bar Akura, and Akita Banya Sakaba. You can enjoy drinks, food, and the night view.

Q.Are there any areas in Akita Prefecture where you can play at night?
A. There are spots in the Akita, Oga, and Yokote areas that you can enjoy at night. In particular, the Akita area has many spots.