8 recommended night spots in Aomori Prefecture! Explanation of how to enjoy each area

Do you want to make the most of your nights in Aomori Prefecture or want to know about night spots in Aomori Prefecture? Aomori Prefecture also has many spots where you can enjoy the night. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce 8 night spots where you can enjoy the night while feeling the charm of Aomori Prefecture. We also explain the characteristics of each area and local specialties, so please take a look.

■What is the climate and specialty products of Aomori Prefecture?

Aomori Prefecture is located at the northernmost tip of Honshu, facing the Tsugaru Strait to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the east, and the Sea of ​​Japan to the west. In addition to the Shirakami Mountains, a World Natural Heritage site, and scattered natural parks, there are also nationally famous spots such as the cherry blossoms at Hirosaki Castle, where you can strongly feel the charm of nature.

Forests occupy 65% ​​of the area, and the food self-sufficiency rate is high, playing a role in supporting Japan’s food supply. Although the temperature is low throughout, the prefecture is divided into two by the Ou Mountains, so the amount of snowfall varies greatly depending on the region.

Aomori Prefecture is rich in seafood, but other famous products include Aomori Kuraishi Beef, which has been ranked the best in Japan, and apples, which are number one in Japan in production.

Aomori Prefecture is also known as a treasure trove of famous sake, and is especially famous for its sake, thanks to its high-quality rice and water.

■【Recommended night spots in Aomori】Shimokita area

The Shimokita area consists of Mutsu City and Shimokita District. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Tsugaru Strait, and Mutsu Bay, the area is known for its magnificent nature and fresh seafood.


“Kita no Bojin Ominato Kaibokan” has ties to the Navy.

Kita no Bojin Ominato Kaibokan is a spot where you can get a panoramic view of Mutsu Bay and the ships of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. At night, the illuminations create a magical atmosphere that is different from the daytime.

The nearby area, which has deep ties to the Navy, is also home to Hokuyokan, a museum for the Self-Defense Force Ominato Regional Unit, which is also loved by Self-Defense Force fans.

Mutsu City is putting effort into disseminating local gourmet food from the Maritime and Air Self-Defense Forces, and “Ominato Maritime Self-Defense Force Curry” and “Navy Croquettes” are also popular.

The best night view in Tohoku “Mt. Kamafuse Observation Deck”

Kamafusan Observatory is a popular spot where you can see the best night view in Aomori. The urban area of ​​Mutsu City looks like the wings of a swallowtail butterfly, which is why it is called the “Swallowtail Butterfly of Light.” In 2004, it was selected as one of Japan’s Night View Heritage Sites, and is a highly rated night view spot nationwide.

All roads are closed in winter due to snowfall, so be sure to check the opening hours before visiting. Being located on a hill in the northernmost part of Honshu, it gets cold at night even in summer, but there is a space on the second floor where you can relax.

■【Recommended night spots in Aomori Prefecture】Tsugaru area

The Tsugaru area is the area where Aomori City and Hirosaki City are located. In addition to nature, there are also spots where you can feel history and culture, such as places associated with the great writer Osamu Dazai and the Seikan Tunnel Memorial Museum.


“Shinmachi Shopping Street” where events are also popular

Shinmachi Shopping Street is a shopping street that runs from the east exit of Aomori Station, and is the most prosperous spot in Aomori City. In addition to restaurants where you can enjoy local cuisine, there are also plenty of souvenir shops.

Another characteristic of Shinmachi Shopping Street is that it is involved in many events. The main street of the shopping district is the route for the Nebuta Festival, a national important intangible folk cultural property, so you can feel the excitement in August.

Additionally, in February, along with the Aomori Snow Lantern Festival, snowmen are lined up on the road, which is why it is known as the “Snowman Road” and is loved by locals.

Takara Onsen Kuroishi is a place that the whole family can enjoy

Takara Onsen Kuroishi is a facility where you can enjoy a day trip to the hot springs. You can enter until 10pm, so you can relax after playing without worrying about the time.

The walls of the bathing area depict the contrast between the powerful waves and the sky, as well as the sea shining at sunset, making it a space that can be enjoyed by the eyes. The price is also reasonable, and adults can take a bath for 350 yen.

There are 8 family baths where you can relax as a group, and overnight stays are also available, making it the perfect place to rest your tired body.

Kajicho, a historic downtown area with shining neon lights

Kajicho is Hirosaki’s largest entertainment district, with over 500 restaurants. The name comes from the history of Hirosaki, where there were many blacksmiths during the Edo period, as it was a castle town.

You can enjoy a wide variety of food and drinks, from historic restaurants to casual restaurants, so it’s perfect for drinking while you’re out and about.

Just walking along the alleys lined with small eateries that glow with neon lights and red lanterns will be fun.

■【Recommended night spots in Aomori Prefecture】Southern area

The southern area of ​​Hachinohe City is home to nature such as Sanriku Fukko National Park and Oirase Gorge, as well as art such as the Towada City Museum of Contemporary Art. We will introduce three spots where you can enjoy gourmet food and culture.


If you want to enjoy Hachinohe gourmet food, go to Hasshoku Center

Hasshoku Center is an essential spot to enjoy Hachinohe gourmet food, with shops specializing in seafood, fruits and vegetables, meat, vegetables, local sake, and more.

You can enjoy freshly caught seafood grilled over charcoal, or try Aomori’s local sake and apple juice. It is an indoor facility that is safe even in bad weather, but the facility is also spacious so it can be used by groups.

Outdoor live performances and events where professional chefs provide direct instruction are also held, so be sure to check the dates before visiting.

Hacchi, a portal museum for learning about tourism and culture

As the gateway to Hachinohe, Hacchi is a facility that revitalizes the town through activities such as introducing culture and disseminating information. The name comes from the word “Hachi” in Hachinohe, but it also comes from the word “hatch” which means doorway.

In addition to introducing people who contributed to the development of Hachinohe and exhibiting the history of industry, there is a wide range of ways to enjoy the event, including traditional craft experience booths, a souvenir shop, and a cafe where you can sample local ingredients. You can also see Hachinohe’s representative local toy, “Hachimanuma,”and the traditional craft, “Hachinohe ware,” making it a great time to experience the local climate and history.

Miroku Yokocho, a food stall village full of Showa charm and humanity

Miroku Yokocho is a particularly attractive spot for those who want to enjoy drinking while walking around. Because it connects Mikkamachi and Muikamachi, the name “Miroku” comes from “three” and “six”.

It has a retro atmosphere reminiscent of the Showa era, and is a popular spot not only for tourists but also for locals because of its comfortable atmosphere. Enjoying Hachinohe ramen, oden, and seafood dishes, tasting local sake, and visiting several food stalls is a fun way to go.

Because it is a small stall, it is easy to communicate with the owner and customers, creating a relaxing space.

■Recommended night spots in Aomori Prefecture are full of fun at night

We introduced night spots in Aomori Prefecture that you can enjoy until night. In addition to its magnificent nature, Aomori Prefecture has many other attractions such as history and art. There is also a wide range of gourmet food such as seafood and local sake, so you will have a great time from sightseeing to dining.

In addition to the classic night view and drinking walks, there are also spots where you can experience the culture of Aomori Prefecture even more. Each area has a different atmosphere, so choosing one that suits your purpose will make your nightlife even more satisfying.

Why not use the contents of this article as a reference to enrich your night time in Aomori Prefecture?

Q.Are there any spots in Aomori Prefecture where you can enjoy a fulfilling night?
A. Yes. There are many night spots in Aomori Prefecture, but the ones that are especially enjoyable at night include night views, drinks, food, and hot springs.

Q.Does the atmosphere differ depending on the area?
A: Yes. Each area has a wide range of appeal, but the amount of snowfall varies, so the things you can enjoy will vary depending on the climate.