8 recommended night spots in Iwate Prefecture! Introducing recommended restaurants

Do you want to enjoy a fulfilling night in Iwate Prefecture or want to know about Iwate Prefecture’s night spots? Iwate Prefecture has many night spots that you can enjoy. In this article, we will introduce eight night spots where you can experience the charm of Iwate Prefecture. We have also explained the distinctive sights and specialties of each area, so please take a look.

■What is the climate and specialty products of Iwate Prefecture?

Iwate Prefecture is located in the northeastern part of Honshu, and is an oval-shaped prefecture that extends from north to south. Iwate Prefecture is the second largest prefecture after Hokkaido, accounting for 4% of Japan. Iwate Prefecture’s climate is generally cold in winter and hot in summer.

The inland area has mountainous hills, the Ou Mountains to the west, and the Kitakami Highlands to the east, which are rich in mountain produce such as wasabi, matsutake mushrooms, and bracken. Due to the raised coastline, seafood can be harvested in each season. Oysters in spring, sea urchin and sea squirt in summer, salmon and swordfish in autumn, and squid and cod in winter. Especially during the cold season, hot pot dishes and stew dishes are recommended.

■5 Recommended Night Spots in Iwate Prefecture

Iwate Prefecture has many spots surrounded by nature. “Iwayama Park”, “Maizuru no Yu”, “Taneyama Kogen Constellation Forest”, “Meganebashi”, and “Miraculous Ipponmatsu” are must-see night spots.


“Iwayama Park” has been selected as a Japan night view heritage site and one of the top 100 night views.

Iwayama Park is located on a slightly elevated hill just a 15-minute drive from Morioka Station, and was established in 1970 as a scenic park (a type of special park that is an urban facility under the City Planning Act and an urban park under the City Parks Act). it was done.
This is a spot where you can see the city of Morioka and the surrounding mountains. From the observation deck, you can see the Ou Mountains during the day and the night view of Morioka city at night.

Maizuru no Yu, a natural hot spring where you can enjoy nature

“Maizuru no Yu” is a natural hot spring where you can take a bath while enjoying the Oshu forest. You can enjoy the seasonal natural scenery that spreads out below you.
The effects of natural hot springs are outstanding, and your skin will be silky smooth after taking a bath. At the cafeteria, you can enjoy beef bowls and curry made with Maezawa beef, which is famous as the finest brand of beef, for less than 1,000 yen.

“Taneyama Plateau Constellation Forest” is located in Taneyama Plateau, which was also loved by Kenji Miyazawa.

Taneyama Highland was loved by Kenji Miyazawa, who wrote “Rain Demetite” and “Galaxy Railway Night.” The campsite on Taneyama Plateau is “Taneyama Plateau Constellation Forest”.

This facility is recommended for those who want to feel nature, and has car sites, free sites, tent sites, and cottages. If you “forgot the stove,” “want to eat more meat,” or “don’t have enough charcoal,” please use the rental store.

“Megane Bridge”, which was also the motif of the night scene on the Galaxy Express

The official name of the bridge is Miyamori River Bridge, and it is said that it was the motif for one of Kenji Miyazawa’s masterpieces, “Night on the Galaxy Express.” During the spring, summer, and winter tourist seasons, Megane Bridge is illuminated in green and orange, inviting passersby into a world of fantasy.
Because of this romantic scenery, Megane Bridge was certified as a sacred place for lovers in April 2009.

“A miraculous single pine tree” that survived the tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture, where the “Miracle Single Pine” is located, is an area that was severely damaged by the tsunami during the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011. At that time, there were approximately 70,000 pine trees planted over a 2km area.

However, the only tree that survived the tsunami was the “Miracle Single Pine”. It was confirmed that the tree had withered in 2015, but in order to pass on the damage caused by the tsunami to future generations, it was embalmed and reborn as a monument. It is lit up at night and remains a symbol of reconstruction.

■3 recommended food spots in Iwate Prefecture

In the 2023 household budget survey, Morioka City ranked first among prefectural capitals in Japan in terms of the amount of Chinese noodles purchased. This result shows that there are many people who love noodles in Morioka City. In particular, Wanko Soba, Morioka Reimen, and Morioka Jajamen are often featured in the media as the “Morioka Three Great Noodles”and are very famous nationwide. We will introduce three recommended restaurants, so please enjoy the taste that can only be found here.


Wanko Soba, a famous local dish

A long-established restaurant that serves “Wanko Soba”, a famous local dish of Iwate Prefecture, is “Soba Restaurant Azumaya”, which was founded in 1907. Wanko soba is served with a small amount of soba noodles and a chant. It is attracting attention not only for its deliciousness, but also for its large appetite and fast eating.

“Morioka Reimen” is characterized by chewy noodles.

This noodle dish is made by putting chewy noodles made from wheat flour and potato starch in a soup made from beef or chicken, and adding radish kimchi. The cold noodle soup, hand-kneaded noodles, and kimchi combine to create a delicious flavor.

“Jajamen” eaten with meat miso and cucumber

Place the meat miso, cucumber, and green onion on top of flat noodles like udon and mix to coat the noodles.
This is a noodle dish that is eaten after mixing. It originates from the former Manchurian “soup noodles.” “Jajamen” was created by the first owner of “Hakuryu” in the Morioka style. Please try the traditional taste unique to this restaurant.

■Enjoy the night in Iwate

We have introduced recommended night spots in Iwate Prefecture. Iwate Prefecture is large in area, so each region has its own unique tourist spots, such as mountain areas, plains, and coastal areas. You can enjoy not only the delicacies of the mountains and the sea, but also the local cuisine of each region.

Why not use the information in this article as a reference and spend a fulfilling night in Iwate Prefecture?

Q, Are there many spots in Iwate Prefecture where you can enjoy the night?
A. Yes. Iwate Prefecture has a lot of spots, but because it is a large area, you will need to secure a means of transportation. Check the transportation network in advance.

Q.Does each area have a different atmosphere?
A: Yes. Iwate Prefecture is vast, so each area has its own cityscape and scenery. However, you can fully enjoy nature and gourmet food in any area.