I want to cosplay in armor and as a ninja! Introducing cosplay spots around Japan

Wouldn’t you like to cosplay in Japanese armor or ninja costumes? Armor and ninjas are an essential part of Japanese history, and are popular among foreign tourists. However, many people don’t know where they can wear armor or ninja cosplay. So this time, we will introduce armor and ninja cosplay spots around Japan.

■What is armor/ninja?

Japanese samurai and ninja are beloved historical figures both at home and abroad. The armor worn by samurai is an essential weapon in battle, and is still valued even today. In addition, ninjas have a mysterious charm and are popular among people of all ages.

From here, we will introduce “armor” and “ninja” in detail.


What is armor, a samurai tool?

Samurai’s tool “Kacchu” is a traditional Japanese armor. Armor consists of a “helm” that protects the head and an “armor” that protects the torso. It was an essential item on the battlefield and was useful as armor to protect yourself. It weighs approximately 20 kg and is characterized by its solid construction.

Armor is made to suit the characteristics of each military commander, and there are subtle differences. It has changed with the times and is now popular as a work of art.


What are the “ninjas” that actually existed in Japan?

It is said that ninjas existed from the Muromachi period to the Edo period. They served feudal lords and feudal lords, conducting espionage activities and assassinations. The ninja’s biggest role is to return alive and pass on information.

At that time, there were over 40 ninja groups in Japan, and they played an active role as the leading figures in the shadows. They are world-famous and have a strong image of wearing black clothes, but in reality, ninja costumes were generally brown.

■What is the cosplay experience such as armor and ninja?

There are many people who admire armor and ninjas and want to experience cosplay. In Japan, you can try out armor and ninja cosplay. You can wear armor and have your photo taken, or try your hand at pretending to be a ninja.

Some of the spots where you can experience cosplay include services that will take you to a designated location, and plans where you can take photos with a castle in the background. It has many attractive features, such as being run by the local government and hosting ninja shows. There are also spots where you can not only wear armor and ninja costumes, but also cosplay costumes such as Juni-Hitoe.

■Spots where you can wear armor and ninja cosplay around Japan

I get the impression that there are many spots throughout Japan where you can cosplay in armor, ninja, and other costumes in areas with historical backgrounds. From here, we will introduce spots around Japan where you can wear armor and ninja cosplay.


【Kanagawa】 Armor dressing experience at Odawara Castle

At Odawara Castle in Kanagawa Prefecture, you can experience wearing armor and ninja kimono. Odawara Castle is a famous castle that is famous as an “impregnable and invincible castle.” It is said that it withstood the invasion from Sengoku warlord Takeda Shingen.

A cosplay experience at Odawara Castle will feel even more special. Rental rates are the most affordable among all spots. On the grounds, there are exhibits of armor and swords, as well as ninja hands-on exhibits, so it’s worth a visit.

【Tokyo/Shinjuku】 Ninja Experience Ninja Experience

“Ninja Experience”, held at a sports gym in Shinjuku, Tokyo, is an experience spot where you can become a ninja. You can try your hand at shuriken and kuji-kiri, and learn about ninja rituals.

The experience takes about 1 hour, so it’s easy to enjoy. Rather than just cosplaying, you can move your body and have an authentic ninja experience.

【Tokyo/Shibuya】 Samurai Armor Photo Studio

At Samurai Armor Photo Studio in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, you can choose your favorite armor from seven types. There is a set in the studio that resembles the inside of a castle, and you can take photos. You can also go out to the streets of Shibuya and take photos or walk around. I really feel like a Sengoku warlord.

You can use it alone or with friends. We also rent out accessories, so you can have a great time pretending to be a military commander.

【Osaka】 Ninjado

“Ninjado” in Osaka City
Here you can experience ninja cosplay and ninja movements. You can actually move around with swords and shuriken, and you can also experience VR. The VR experience is a paid option, but it allows you to experience a realistic battle with the Sanada army.

Ninjado has a wide range of attractions, including on-site photo shoots and ninja shows. However, please check in advance as reservations are required.

【Nagano】 Matsumoto Kimono Rental “Hanakomichi”

Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture is home to the famous Matsumoto Castle. If you use the Matsumoto kimono rental service “Hanakomichi”, you can experience cosplay in Matsumoto City, where Matsumoto Castle and its historical background remain. You can pretend to be a samurai or a ninja and enjoy exploring the city. Experience Japanese culture by strolling through the cityscape that recreates a castle town and the shops such as old-fashioned toy stores and candy stores.

The experience lasts from 3 to 7 hours, and the last costume return time is 5:00 p.m. It’s also great to be able to spend time with your children.

【Wakayama】Wakayama City Tourism Association

The Wakayama City Tourism Association is promoting armor and ninja experiences throughout the region. Armor and ninja cosplay can be worn inside Wakayama Castle. You can stroll through the castle tower overlooking the city and try your hand at shuriken throwing.

In addition to armor and ninja costumes, lord and princess costumes are also popular. You can transform into your favorite historical figure and enjoy cosplay. The experience time is 3 hours, so you can spend it with plenty of time.

■Cosplay points

Before you start cosplaying, let’s keep a few points in mind. The main point of armor cosplay is that you can “become a Sengoku military commander.” Strolling around the castle is fun, but taking photos in the studio gives it a more realistic feel. By learning about armor, you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the era even more.

For ninja cosplay, check the costume. There are six basic items in the equipment bundle: hood, jacket, gauntlets, hakama, leg ties, and tabi. Also remember the 12 hidden pockets inside the costume and the fact that real ninja costumes were dark brown or indigo-dyed navy blue.

■Enjoy Japanese history by wearing armor or becoming a ninja

Cosplaying in armor, ninja, and other costumes is a great opportunity to experience Japanese history and culture. Become a historical figure and enjoy cosplay to your heart’s content. Knowing the key points of cosplay, armor, and ninja will make you feel even better. Please feel free to visit your favorite spots.

Q. In what areas are there many armor and ninja cosplay spots?
A. They are found all over Japan, but I get the impression that they are more common in areas with historical backgrounds and urban areas.

Q. What is the point of enjoying armor and ninja cosplay?
A. Being able to become the person in the cosplay. Take commemorative photos and experience the rituals and movements.