Have a relaxing time at the animal cafe! Introducing how to enjoy and things to be careful about

If you want to go to a unique spot in Japan, why not visit Animal Cafe? There are many animal cafes in Japan where you can interact with not only dogs and cats but also a variety of other animals.

In this article, we will introduce the types of animal cafes in Japan, how to enjoy them, and the rules. Read this article and enjoy Animal Cafe to the fullest.

■What kind of place is Animal Cafe?

The animal cafe is a place where you can enjoy drinks and snacks while interacting with animals. Each store carries a variety of animals, from familiar animals such as cats and dogs to reptiles. It’s becoming a popular spot for dates and family outings, as you can have a good time while being soothed by cute animals.

It is said that Taiwan was the first country in the world to open an animal cafe. In Japan, a cat cafe was born in Osaka in 2004. Japan is currently known as the country with the most animal cafes in the world.

Prices are often based on an hourly rate and include one drink, and most require advance payment. Some places require an additional fee if you want to give food or treats to the animals.

■Types of animal cafes in Japan

As I mentioned earlier, there are many different types of animal cafes in Japan, and the animals they handle vary depending on the store. This time, we have summarized the main types of animal cafes in Japan, the animals they serve, and their characteristics.


Standard animals

In Japan, standard animal cafes refer to dog cafes where you can interact with dogs and cat cafes that handle cats. Let’s take a look at what each place is like.

Small animals

Small animal cafes, where you can interact with small animals such as birds and hedgehogs, have become popular in recent years. You can interact with animals that are popular as pets.

Unique animals

Some animal cafes even allow you to interact with rare animals. It is popular because you can play with animals that are difficult to keep as pets, such as pigs and owls.

There are other cafes where you can meet multiple types of animals, such as the Otter Cafe where you can interact with otters and the Momonga Cafe where you can see flying squirrels.

■How to use the animal cafe and how to enjoy it

For those who are using animal cafes in Japan for the first time, we will introduce how to use animal cafes and tips on how to enjoy them.


How to receive and pay fees

Animal cafes may require advance reservations depending on the store. Once you have decided on the cafe you want to go to, check the restaurant’s website to see if they require reservations.

When you visit the store, tell the receptionist your time and pay the entrance fee. Prices vary depending on the restaurant, but most restaurants charge around 1,000 yen for an hour, including one drink. Some restaurants even charge a drink fee instead of the entrance fee. If you would like options such as feeding the animals or taking photos, please let the staff know. You may be asked to leave your baggage in a locker at reception, so please follow the instructions.

After checking in, wash and disinfect your hands before entering the store. Some stores don’t allow shoes on, so don’t forget your socks.


How to enjoy your time with animals to the fullest

When you first enter the store, take a look around the store and observe how the animals live their lives. Once you get a feel for the atmosphere inside the restaurant, sit down at your favorite seat.

The best way to get to know animals is to give them food and treats. If you have the experience of feeding or snacking, please do so. Many cafes have animal toys in the store, so you can use them to play with your animals.

If a dog or cat approaches you, enjoy the interaction by gently stroking it. If you are interacting with an animal for the first time, it is a good idea to ask the staff for tips on how to handle and play with it.

■Animal cafe rules and etiquette

Animal cafes have various rules in place to avoid stressing the animals. Be sure to follow the store’s rules so that both humans and animals can have a fun time.


I don’t wear perfume

Animals with sensitive noses do not like strong odors. Strong-smelling perfumes and cosmetics can cause stress to animals. Also, the animals may not like the smell and won’t come near you, so you may not be able to enjoy it.

When visiting an animal cafe, refrain from using perfume or scented cosmetics. Similarly, avoid wearing clothes that have been treated with strongly scented fabric softeners. By the way, dogs and cats also don’t like citrus scents. Cats in particular can be poisoned by citrus and lavender scents, so be careful when going to cat cafes.


Remove accessories

Please remove your accessories when visiting an animal cafe. If something lights up or shakes, animals may think it’s a toy and jump at it. If an animal’s claws get caught, it can lead to injury. There is also a risk that animals may accidentally swallow it.

If possible, remove all accessories before coming to the store. In addition to accessories, smartphones, bag straps and chains, scarves, neckties, etc. are also dangerous. If you have long hair, please tie it up before coming to the store to make it easier to interact with.


Never do anything that animals dislike.

At an animal cafe, you must never do anything that the animals dislike, such as forcing a sleeping animal to wake up or chasing an animal that runs away.

Also, animals are sensitive to sound and light, so avoid making loud noises or using a flash to take pictures. It is also not allowed to touch animals that are eating.

The purpose of the animal cafe is to get along well with animals and have a good time. Instead of prioritizing the animal’s desire to hold it or play with it, respect the animal’s free movement.

■Let’s be healed at a Japanese animal cafe

There are many animal cafes in Japan where you can interact with various animals, and you can encounter animals that you don’t usually get to see up close. After playing with the cute animals and enjoying the delicious cafe menu at the animal cafe, you’ll surely become even more fascinated by Japan’s unique culture. Please spend a relaxing and relaxing time at a Japanese animal cafe.


Q: What types of animal cafes are there in Japan?
AIn addition to dogs and cats, there are cafes where you can interact with small birds and hamsters, as well as cafes with reptiles.

Q: What is the pricing system for Animal Cafe?
A: Many places have a time system that includes one drink. Also, most stores charge extra for the treats you give to the animals.