7 recommended night spots in Miyagi Prefecture! Also explains recommended gourmet food

Is there anyone who is considering a trip to Miyagi Prefecture, but would like to know in advance where to go at night and where to enjoy delicious gourmet food? Miyagi Prefecture is full of attractions that make you want to come back again and again once you visit.

In this article, we will introduce what kind of place Miyagi Prefecture is, as well as what kind of night spots and gourmet food there are. Please use this as a reference for foreign visitors to Japan who are considering traveling to Miyagi Prefecture.

■What is the climate and specialty products of Miyagi Prefecture?

Miyagi Prefecture is located in the center of the Tohoku region, and the prefectural capital is Sendai City. The average temperature is around 13.5 degrees, and the annual rainfall is less than that of Tokyo, making it an ideal climate for sightseeing. Facing the Pacific Ocean to the east and having a rich fishing port, you can enjoy delicious seafood.

Another attraction is that it is blessed with tourist destinations such as Matsushima, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan. To the west are mountains such as Funagata and Kurikoma, which take on a different appearance each season. The central plain is the Sendai Plain, one of Japan’s leading grain producing areas. It is a town blessed with gourmet food and a good climate, with a natural environment that harmonizes the sea, mountains, and plains.

Miyagi Prefecture was once the Sendai domain of Date Masamune, a Sengoku warlord and gourmand. It is said that this is why a variety of gourmet cuisines have developed. Even today, thanks to the blessings brought by Date Masamune, the prefecture is famous for its particularly rich local cuisine and specialty products. The main specialty products include Sendai beef, beef tongue, Zunda mochi, and seafood such as oysters.

■7 Recommended Night Spots and Gourmet Foods in Miyagi Prefecture

We will introduce recommended night spots and gourmet food in Miyagi Prefecture. There are countless recommended shops and gourmet restaurants in Miyagi, but this time we have carefully selected seven spots that we especially recommend to foreigners visiting Japan. The night spots we are introducing this time are as follows.

1.Kokubun Town
2.Ichinisan Yokocho
4.Sendai Castle
5.Gyutan Street/Sushi Street
7.Naruko Onsen

Please be sure to heal your soul with the beautiful scenery, gourmet food, and hot springs that Japan is proud of.


Kokubuncho is a downtown area that is said to be Sendai No. 1 and Tohoku No. 1.

Kokubuncho, the downtown area, is so bustling that it is often referred to as Sendai No. 1 or Tohoku No. 1. Kokubuncho 1-chome is the business district, 3-chome is where one of Miyagi’s best festival events called “Jozenji Street Jazz Festival in Sendai” is held, and the downtown area is 2-chome. The downtown area is lively during the day, but at night it becomes even more exciting with snack bars, cabaret clubs, and host clubs opening for business.

Kokubun-cho also flourished as the center of the Date clan’s castle town. Therefore, some of the atmosphere of good old Sendai remains, and there are places where you can feel the history.

There are plenty of gourmet options, including cocktail bars, casual ramen shops, and beef tongue specialty shops, so if you want to enjoy Sendai gourmet food, be sure to stop by.

Iroha Yokocho, a retro alley where time seems to have stopped

It is a shopping street that extends east from Sun Mall Ichibancho Street, an arcade street. There are rows of narrow shops that retain a strong Showa era atmosphere.

Nisan Yokocho was created as a result of the reconstruction efforts following the Sendai air raids. In August 1946, the “Central Public Market”, the predecessor of Ichinisan Yokocho, was born, and over a long period of time it took on its current appearance.

During the day, it is a shopping street where you can enjoy lunch, and at night, it transforms into a shopping street where many people visit with yakitori restaurants, izakayas, restaurants, pubs, and bars.

“CRAFTSMAN Sendai” where you can enjoy craft beers from around the world

At CRAFTSMAN Sendai, you can enjoy a variety of craft beers from around the world and Italian cuisine made with local ingredients. With a total of 31 types of craft beer, you can casually enjoy authentic Italian food made by craftsmen with the concept of local production for local consumption.

Sendai Castle was built by Date Masamune 400 years ago.

The magnificent Sendai Castle, built 400 years ago by Date Masamune, is recommended not only for Date Masamune fans but also for those who want to enjoy the night view. You can see the night view of Sendai spreading out behind the statue of Date Masamune.

Festivals and jazz festivals are held during the day, making it a place to enjoy both day and night. They also sell Masamune Date goods and sweets recommended as souvenirs, so it’s a must-see for those who love Sengoku warlords.

“Gyutan Street/Sushi Street” where you can enjoy Sendai specialties

Gyutan Dori and Sushi Dori were renewed in 2020, and the exterior was reborn with the motif of Sendai Castle, which is representative of Sendai. This is a spot where you can enjoy 6 restaurants selling Sendai’s famous beef tongue and 4 sushi restaurants using seafood. It’s located on the 3rd floor of Sendai Station and has good transportation links, so it’s easy to visit.

Matsushima, one of Japan’s three most scenic views

Matsushima is one of Japan’s three most scenic spots and one of Japan’s leading tourist destinations. There are over 260 mysteriously shaped islands scattered around the island, each with a name. There is also accommodation available, so during the day you can go sightseeing on sightseeing boats and Godaido Hall, which is an important cultural property, and at night you can relax at the accommodation and enjoy moon viewing. By the way, Matsushima is also famous as a place to see the moon.

Naruko Onsen boasts a history of over 1000 years

Naruko Onsen is a hot spring located deep in the mountains of Miyazaki Prefecture, on the border with Yamagata Prefecture, and boasts a history of over 1,000 years. It is considered one of the three famous hot springs in Oshu, along with Iizaka Onsen in Fukushima Prefecture and Akiu Onsen in Miyagi Prefecture. Naruko Onsen is characterized by having around 400 hot springs.

There are 11 types of hot springs throughout Japan, but you can enjoy 9 types of hot springs at Naruko Onsen. You can not only stay at a hot spring inn but also tour the hot springs, so if you like hot springs, this is a must-visit spot.

■Miyagi Prefecture is full of charm

There are many night spots in Miyagi Prefecture where you can enjoy gourmet food, night views, and hot springs. The climate is pleasant, so you can enjoy sightseeing and play. It’s also a fun place where you can find local specialties such as beef tongue, which is synonymous with Miyagi, and you can feel that the history of Date Masamune, who once reigned as the Sendai clan’s lord, has brought benefits to modern life. Once you visit Miyagi, you will be captivated by its charm and will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Q.Are there any Sendai specialties you recommend?
A. Beef tongue, Sendai beef, Zunda mochi, and oysters are famous Sendai specialties. Beef tongue in particular is a soul food, so please try it.

Q.Are there any night spots you recommend?
A. We recommend Kokubuncho, Ichinisan Yokocho, CRAFTSMAN Sendai, Sendai Castle, Gyutan Street/Sushi Street, Matsushima, and Naruko Onsen. You can enjoy the night view, hot springs, gourmet food, and alcohol.