Introducing recommended night spots in Niigata Prefecture! Must-see features and charms of Niigata Prefecture

Do you want to know about fun night spots in Niigata Prefecture? Niigata Prefecture, a popular tourist destination, is famous for its rich natural environment. However, many people don’t know where to go to enjoy the night.

So this time, we will introduce recommended night spots in Niigata Prefecture. We have also summarized the characteristics and charms of Niigata Prefecture, so please take a look.

■Tourist destinations in Japan! What are the characteristics and climate of Niigata Prefecture?

Niigata Prefecture is surrounded by the Sea of ​​Japan and mountains over 2,000 meters above sea level, and due to its topography, it is known as Japan’s heavy snowfall region. As a result, areas with heavy snowfall are noticeable in the winter, but on the other hand, the climate is hot and humid in the summer. The summer climate in Niigata Prefecture is almost the same as that in Tokyo, and the heat is not much different.

Niigata Prefecture is divided into four major areas: the Joetsu area, the Chuetsu area, the Joetsu area, and the Sado area. In the Chuetsu area, there is a lot of snow in the mountains, but Niigata City on the Sea of ​​Japan coast tends to have less snow. Another characteristic is that the amount of snowfall varies depending on the area. However, during the winter, large areas get cold at night, reaching below freezing.

Niigata Prefecture has many famous places where you can feel the history and culture. Hakusan Shrine, which has a history of over 1,000 years, and Bandai Bridge, an important cultural property, are famous spots. The Nagaoka Festival, one of Japan’s three major fireworks festivals, attracts many tourists every year. It is also famous as a rice production area, and the sake made from rice is highly popular as a famous sake. Niigata Prefecture is blessed with delicious ingredients, and is a region with rich natural resources and beautiful scenery.

Access from Tokyo is about 1 hour and 20 minutes by Shinkansen, and it takes about 2 hours to get to Niigata Station. Access from Tokyo is relatively good. In addition to the Joetsu Shinkansen and Hokuriku Shinkansen, you can also use express buses. To get to Sado City, take a boat from within the prefecture.

■6 Recommended Night Spots in Niigata Prefecture

Niigata Prefecture is rich in resources such as crops and water, and is an excellent tourist destination with a rich historical culture. The beautiful scenery of snow and autumn leaves that changes depending on the time of year you visit is also attractive.

Niigata Prefecture has many spots that you should visit not only during the day but also at night. From here, we will introduce 6 recommended night spots that take advantage of the unique characteristics and charms of Niigata Prefecture.


Sado Gold Mine “Kitazawa Flotation Plant Light-up”

The Kitazawa Flotation Plant in Sado Gold Mine is illuminated with beautiful LED lights. It is a famous tourist spot during the day, and at night it is lit up to create a magical space.

The Kitazawa Flotation Plant was the first commercially used gold and silver extraction site in Japan. It was recognized worldwide as the best ore processing plant in the East. There is no need to make reservations for illumination sightseeing, and it is a spot that you can easily visit.

Tsukioka Onsen “Moonlight Garden” at night

The Tsukiakari Garden in Tsukioka Onsen is a beautiful garden lit up at night. Fifty colorful paper lanterns are used to create a luxurious and magical atmosphere. It is popular as an illumination spot in the hot spring town.

You can enjoy the Tsukiakari Garden even without using the attached Tsukioka Onsen. There are many ways to enjoy the area, such as strolling around in a yukata or stopping by on your way home from the hot springs. Admission is free, so anyone can use it.

Sado night cruise “Taraibune”

In the Shukunegi area of ​​Sado Island, you can enjoy a night cruise called “Taraibune”. “Taraibune” is a game where you ride a tub and walk around the sea. It is open during the day, but also in the evening and at night. You can enjoy the beauty of the sunset and the dimly lit sea illuminated by small lights.
However, please note that the time and course may change depending on the season.

The tarai-bune was improved in 1802 as a boat that could turn around easily. It is one of the tourist spots in Shukunegi, a popular area. Reservations are required to enjoy the tub boat, so be sure to check in advance.

Japanese Furumachi Geisha “Ikinariya”

The Japanese restaurant “Ikinariya” is famous as a restaurant where you can enjoy Japanese Furumachi geisha. It was founded in the Genroku period (around 1700) in the middle of the Edo period, and has a history of about 300 years. You will be able to fully enjoy the scenery and cuisine of each season.

Niigata’s geisha culture has inherited an attitude of “hospitality for everyone”. You can feel safe even if it’s your first visit, as we don’t “refuse first-time visitors.” Geisha arrangements are available from 12,000 yen per person per hour, and you can enjoy dancing and ozashiki entertainment. It’s cheaper than other areas, so it’s recommended for first-time geisha experiences.

Niigata City’s night colors “Bakauke Observation Deck”

Bakauke Observation Deck, which colors the night of Niigata City, is a night spot where you can see the night view of Niigata. At 125m above ground, the observation deck is the highest on the Sea of ​​Japan side. It is also a popular night view spot where you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view.

The name Bakauke Observation Deck comes from “Bakauke,” a very popular sweet in Japan. There is also a shop inside the building where you can actually purchase “Bakauke”. There is also a restaurant/lounge and accommodation facilities, making it a spot where you can relax until the evening.

Day trip hot spring at night “Yumotoya”

Yumotoya, which can be used as a day-trip hot spring, allows you to enjoy Niigata at night. Yumotoya is an Iwamuro hot spring that uses hot spring water with a history of about 300 years, and was once a popular retreat for worshipers of Yahiko Shrine.

Yumotoya has various types of bathtubs. There are also permanent open-air baths and log baths where you can feel the warmth of nature and wood, as well as private baths that you can relax in. There are many sightseeing spots in the area, such as Yahiko Shrine and Takarazan Sake Brewery, so you can enjoy it from day to night. Reservations are not required for day trip hot springs.

■Recommended night spots in Niigata Prefecture are a fusion of natural resources and Japanese culture

There are many recommended night spots in Niigata Prefecture that combine natural resources and Japanese culture. You will be able to enjoy the charms only available at night, such as the beautiful decoration of tourist attractions and the relaxing atmosphere that gives you a sense of Japan.

Niigata Prefecture is also attractive for its natural scenery that changes with the seasons. You can enjoy train travel and try winter sports. Recommended for those who want to enjoy the elegance of Japan rather than the splendor of the city. If you are interested, please visit once.

Q: Are there any ways to spend the night that are unique to Niigata Prefecture?
A: We recommend spending a relaxing time while experiencing the food culture and nature unique to Niigata Prefecture. Also, each season has its own charm, so be sure to check out the events ahead of time.

Q: When is the best season to spend time in Niigata?
A: May to June, which is early summer, and September to October, which is early autumn. It’s easy to spend time and I recommend it.