8 recommended night spots in Fukushima Prefecture! Introducing the attractions and access

We will introduce eight recommended night spots in Fukushima Prefecture divided into three areas: Aizu, Nakadori, and Hamadori.
You can learn about recommended night spots, their charms, access, and basic information, so please come and enjoy them.

■What is the climate and specialty products of Fukushima Prefecture?

Fukushima Prefecture has large mountains called the Ou Mountains and the Abukuma Highlands, and is divided into three major areas: Aizu, Nakadori, and Hamadori. The climate of each area differs greatly due to the large mountain ranges.

The Aizu area to the west experiences heavy snowfall in winter, while the Hamadori area to the east has many sunny skies even in winter. The Nakadori area, located in the middle, has a climate that has elements of both, with areas that experience hot and humid summers and localized heavy snowfall in winter.

Fukushima Prefecture’s special products include:

・Sakura (horse meat) sashimi
・Aizu ginseng
・Takada plum
・Local sake
・Takada Senbei

When you visit Fukushima Prefecture, be sure to enjoy the special products listed above.

■【Recommended night spots in Fukushima Prefecture】 Aizu area

We will introduce two recommended night spots where you can enjoy hot springs and gourmet food in Aizu, one of the three areas in Fukushima Prefecture.


“Fureai Land Takasato” is famous for its various types of hot springs and Raijin soba noodles.

Fureai Land Takasato has a variety of hot springs and saunas. The types of hot springs are as follows.

・Big bath
・Open-air bath
・Bubble bath
・Herbal bath
・Water bath

At Fureai Land Takasato’s hot springs, prices are set depending on the time of day. The daily fee from 9:00 to 21:00 is 500 yen for adults and 300 yen for children. The fee for use at night from 17:00 to 21:00 is 300 yen for adults and 150 yen for children.

At Fureai Land Takasato, you can enjoy Raijin soba made daily by a soba master.

“Tsukimigaoka Town Citizens Center” where you can enjoy a large public bath and Aizu gourmet food

Tsukimigaoka Town Citizens Center is a facility where you can take a day trip bath in a natural hot spring and enjoy Aizu gourmet food at the restaurant. From the public bath, you can see a uniquely Japanese landscape that changes depending on the season. Bathing hours are from 9:00 to 21:00 and are available until late at night.

At the Tsukimigaoka Town Citizens Center, there is a restaurant where you can enjoy Yanaizu’s specialty, “Sauce Katsudon” and local sake from Fukushima Prefecture. In addition, there are menus unique to Japan, such as miso ramen with plenty of vegetables and hiyashi chuka (only available in summer). You can also stay overnight, and the accommodation plan includes a hot spring bath and a meal of Aizu’s famous horse sashimi dish.

■【Recommended night spots in Fukushima Prefecture】Nakadori area

Here are two recommended night spots in Fukushima Prefecture in the Nakadori area where you can enjoy hot springs and activities.


“Noji Onsen” where you can enjoy different hot springs depending on the time of day

Noji Onsen is a hot spring facility that boasts milky white cloudy water. There are six bathhouses, including “Senju no Yu” and “Kimmen no Yu.” Tengu-no-yu, Senju-no-yu, and Onimen-no-yu are characterized by the fact that the men’s and women’s baths change every three hours. Please note that bathing hours differ from April to June, October to December, July to September, and January to March.

One of the charms of Noji Onsen is that you can enjoy the four seasons of Japan while soaking in the hot springs: open-air baths with fresh greenery in the summer, autumn leaves in the fall, and snowy views in the winter. The bathing fee is reasonable at 800 yen for adults and 400 yen for children.

If you would like to enjoy a meal as well, please book a day trip plan or a lodging plan that can be reserved for just one person.

“Skypier Adatara Active Park” where you can enjoy activities all day long

Skypier Adatara Active Park is an activity facility that can be enjoyed until 19:00 or 21:00.

There are sports that can be enjoyed by everyone from children to adults, such as skateboarding, sport climbing, slacklining, and athletics. Skypier Adatara Active Park also has lectures and experiential content that require reservations.

There is also a day trip hot spring within the facility, so you can relax in the hot spring after working up a sweat.

“Hoshi no Mura Observatory” where you can enjoy fantastic constellation observations at night

Hoshi no Mura Observatory is a facility equipped with one of the largest reflective astronomical telescopes in Fukushima Prefecture.

You can observe the sun during the day and celestial bodies at night. There is also a planetarium where you can listen to stories about the constellations and stars that appear each season.

The highlight of Hoshi-no-mura Observatory is night observation and starry sky tours. Night observation is held on a set day every month, and you can see the constellations and nebulae that appear each season. A starry sky tour is an event where you can observe the moon, planets, nebulas, star clusters, etc. using an astronomical telescope. Please check the official website for event dates. The cost is 500 yen for adults, 300 yen for elementary and junior high school students, and free for infants.

“Fukushima Food Stall Village Koransho Yokocho’ where you can enjoy drinks and gourmet food until late at night

Fukushima Food Stall Village Koransho Yokocho is a food stall village consisting of five booths. There are shops and bars where you can enjoy local cuisine, and food stalls where you can eat one item for just one coin. Business hours vary depending on the store, with some stores being open until 2am.

Among them, “Anesa no Koboshi” is recommended because you can enjoy local dishes such as “basashi” and “soba” from Aizu, and Aizu’s traditional dish “kozuyu.” You can enjoy menus made with local ingredients and experience the charm of Fukushima Prefecture.

■【Recommended night spots in Fukushima Prefecture】Hamadori area

Here are two recommended night spots in Fukushima Prefecture in the Hamadori area where you can enjoy hot springs, activities, and nature.

“Kawauchinoyu” where you can enjoy fishing, cooking, and hot springs

Kawauchinoyu is a hot spring facility where the two bathhouses are changed daily into a men’s bath and a women’s bath. It has been loved as a “beauty bath” because it makes your skin smooth. There are many types of hot springs you can enjoy as listed below.

・Bubble bath
・Jet bath
・Cold water
・Large bath
・Sleeping bath
・Cave bath

Cave baths give you the thrill of being in a secret hot spring.

Nearby is Iwana no Sato, where you can experience fishing at a pond and eating char cuisine during the day. After playing in Iwana no Sato, why not relax at Kawauchi no Yu?

“Iwaki no Sato Onigajo” where you can enjoy camping and starry skies without bringing anything.

Iwaki no Sato Onigajo is an accommodation facility with camping and day trip hot spring facilities. You can camp while looking at Japan’s proud cherry blossoms in the spring and the autumn leaves in the fall. You can see a starry sky at night, and spend a relaxing day surrounded by the richness of nature.

There is no need to worry about procuring ingredients; they can be purchased at Iwaki no Sato Onigajo. You can also rent all the goods you need for camping, so you can enjoy it empty-handed.

■Enjoy Fukushima Prefecture by visiting recommended night spots

Fukushima Prefecture is full of fun and relaxing night spots that you can enjoy whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or alone. Why not use this article as a reference when you visit these spots?

Q. Are there any recommended night spots in Fukushima Prefecture?
A. There are spots where you can enjoy hot springs, facilities where you can enjoy activities, and spots where you can enjoy alcohol and gourmet food.
There are many places where everyone from children to adults can enjoy together with friends, family, and lovers.

Q.Is there any way to enjoy Fukushima Prefecture at night?
A. There are many things to do, such as astronomical observation, taking a hot spring, experiencing nature, having fun, and enjoying alcohol and local gourmet food. Please find your favorite way to enjoy it.