What is Concafe? Explanation of shops for beginners, how to enjoy them, and price structure

“What kind of place is Concafe?” “What is Concafe anyway?”

Concafe is a cafe with a concept. The appeal is that you can have a wonderful time eating and drinking while enjoying the world view of the concept set by the restaurant.

In this article, we will comprehensively explain what Concafe is, how to enjoy it, things to note, and the price system. We also introduce recommended restaurants for first-time con cafes, so please read on.

■What is Concafe?

At Concafe, each store has a detailed concept with particular attention to the wording of the cast, menu, interior, and appearance. The appeal of Concafe is that you can immerse yourself in your favorite worldview at a Concafe that suits you.

A cafe with a concept

A Concafe is a cafe that provides customer service and menus based on a unique concept set by the store. A maid cafe, which is a genre of Concafe, is a maid-style cafe where the maid wears a maid costume and treats you as the master.

Greetings for each genre are different, such as “Welcome” is “Welcome back,” and “Thank you very much” is “Welcome back.” There are many enthusiastic fans because they are particular about the interior design and menu.

Concafe and Girls Bar are different business types.

It is very similar to Concafe and has a girls bar. The difference between the two is whether it is a cafe business or a bar business. The main differences are as follows

Concafe is where you can enjoy the worldview of the store’s concept and services, and girls’ bar is where you can enjoy conversation while drinking alcohol.

■Types of Concafe and general fee structure

Concafe has four genres: cosplay, animal, collaboration, and others. Most shops have a fee structure of around 4,000 to 5,000 yen. Be sure to check the store’s concept and fee structure in advance to choose a safe store.

Compare the four genres of Concafe and their characteristics

A comparison of the four genres and characteristics of Concafe is as follows.

Each genre has its own way of enjoying it. Research what kind of concept you would like to enjoy at a store.

Enjoy Concafe at an affordable price

Concafes in the “cafe” and “bar” formats can be enjoyed for approximately 4,000 to 5,000 yen. Please refer to the following as an example of the price breakdown.

Some cafes may require an entrance fee, or there may be a cosplay experience fee if you wear cosplay.

Also, some cafes may not include service charge or consumption tax in the price. It is necessary to check the website, SNS, and word of mouth in advance.

■How to enjoy Concafe and things to keep in mind

The way to enjoy Concafe is to immerse yourself in the created worldview, participate in events, and enjoy limited edition food and drinks. Let’s understand the contents and precautions you need to know in order to have a fun time.

5 points to enjoy Concafe

If you’re going to Concafe for the first time, be sure to keep the following five points in mind.

The first step is to take a photo with the cast.
Part of the fun is taking photos with the characters played by the cast. Throw away your shyness, enjoy your cosplay, strike a pose, and take memorable photos.

The second is food and drinks that match the theme.
You can enjoy the original taste and atmosphere by ordering special menus based on themes, or dishes and drinks named after characters.

The third thing is talking and interacting with the cast.
You can talk to the cast and interact with the cast dressed as characters. Have fun with your favorite characters.

The fourth is watching events and shows.
Another option is to enjoy the events and shows that are held regularly. There are many fun events such as special performances and cosplay contests, so be sure to check the website.

The fifth step is purchasing limited edition goods and souvenirs.
Purchase exclusive cafe merchandise and souvenirs to take home an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy the fun of cosplay again with original items.

If you follow these five things, you will be able to enjoy Concafe even more.

Three points to note about Concafe

Here are three minimum precautions you should follow to enjoy Concafe.

First of all, respect the rules and manners.
We need to be considerate of the cast and everyone else. Please follow the rules and etiquette in the cafe and do not spoil the fun atmosphere.

Next is respect for privacy.
Please respect the privacy of cast members and others. Permission must be obtained before taking photos or videos.

Lastly, use common sense.
The cast members are working for everyone, so please refrain from acting in a self-centered manner and try to act in a common sense manner that everyone can enjoy together.

By following these three precautions, you can have a fun and safe time at Concafe.

■What Concafe is recommended for beginners?

Here are four con cafes for beginners.

・Maidreamin (main store)
・Akiba absolute area
・Akihabara Ninja Cafe Shinobazu Cafe Manseijō

All of the shops are popular and you can enjoy them with peace of mind. We will provide detailed information for each store one by one.

Cosplay Cafe | Maidreamin (main store)

This is a popular maid cafe with 18 stores in Japan and overseas. There are regular customers and families with children, and the accounting system is clear, so even beginners can enjoy the restaurant with peace of mind. You can sing the idol song you requested, and you can also take photos, so it’s sure to be a memory that will last a lifetime.

Maid Cafe | Akiba absolute area

This is a vibrant maid cafe based on the concept of “cats (cast members) serving people in human form.” Let go of the shyness of pretending to be a cat and talking about pussies and have fun. It has a theme park-like atmosphere, making it the perfect place to debut as a maid cafe.

Maid Cafe | MistyVeil

This is a con cafe that is attracting attention as a super hideaway with an undisclosed address and a hidden door. The concept is “everyone is on the bench, researching secret medicines,” and you can enjoy the excitement. It’s a hot topic and a cute sister will welcome you.

Cosplay Cafe | Akihabara Ninja Cafe Shinobazu Cafe Manseijou

This cafe is based on the “ninja” concept, which is popular among tourists visiting Japan. You can experience spectacular in-store performances and shuriken throwing. Ninja lovers will have a blissful time here.

■Enjoy sightseeing in Japan with the worldview of Concafe

At Concafe, former idols and current idols hold events, limited-time goods are sold, and there is a lot of entertainment that tourists visiting Japan can enjoy.

No matter what kind of Concafe you want to go to or what kind of event you want to participate in, make memories at the Concafe of your choice while observing good manners.

Q: What is Concafe?
A: A Concafe is a cafe that has a concept. It is broadly divided into cosplay, animal figures, collaboration, and other genres.

Q: How is it different from Girls Bar?
A: Concafe differs from girls bars in that they do not serve alcohol and the emphasis is on enjoying the atmosphere of the bar rather than conversation.