4 major airports in Japan! Introducing the attractions and surrounding tourist spots 【Part 1】

Do you know the charm of Japan’s airports? There are many airports in Japan, but many people may not be familiar with their charms and characteristics.

In particular, the major airports that are considered to be major airports have a certain charm that Japan is proud of. When visiting Japan, it is a waste to simply use the airport as a transit point. This time, we will introduce the charms of Japan’s major airports. We have also compiled a list of nearby tourist spots, so please take a look for your reference.

■What are Japan’s major airports?

Japan’s major airports include the following:

・Narita International Airport
・Haneda airport
・Chubu Centrair International Airport
・New Chitose Airport
・Kansai International Airport etc.

Airports serve as gateways to cities and countries, where passenger and cargo planes take off and land.

Under the Airport Development Act, “Class 1 Airports”, Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, Kansai International Airport, etc. are designated as airports necessary for international aviation routes. Although New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido is not a Class 1 airport, it has one of the highest utilization rates in Japan.

From here, we will introduce Japan’s major airports, narrowing it down to four: Haneda Airport, Narita International Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, and New Chitose Airport.


Tourist spots near major airports

The major airports, Haneda Airport, Narita International Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, and New Chitose Airport, are located in urban areas of Japan and have good access to other areas. It’s so Japanese-style that it’s hard to use it as just a passing point.

There are various tourist spots around the airport, and each area has its own unique features. There are places where you can spend your limited time before boarding, such as wineries and shrines that are spiritual spots.


What inbound measures are you interested in?

The airport has an environment that is easy for many people to use. In Japan, an island country, inbound tourism is one of the most important areas. For this reason, we are providing generous support for the arrival of foreign airlines and the flow of people to local airports. One option would be to shorten the time it takes to enter the country and introduce a service that allows you to purchase options for destinations in bulk.

The airport is full of local gourmet food and made-in-Japan shopping, and you can also enjoy Japanese art and decorations. Every effort has been made to make you feel the charm of Japan from the moment you step off the airport.

■The charms of Japan’s 4 major airports

From here, we will introduce the charms of four major Japanese airports. We have compiled a list of its features and nearby tourist attractions, so please take a look.


A bridge to all parts of Japan! Haneda Airport 【Tokyo】

Haneda Airport, located in Tokyo, has a wide range of domestic flights that provide access to various parts of Japan. The official name is Tokyo International Airport, and since international flights resumed in 2010, it has become known as one of the major gateways to the rest of the world.

There are many commercial facilities within each terminal, and the appeal is that you can enjoy a variety of concepts. There are a wide variety of restaurants from Japanese to Western cuisine, as well as spots where you can enjoy local gourmet food. There is also a hot spring facility unique to Japan, and the cafe where you can experience a “foot bath” where you can soak just your feet in the hot spring is also popular. Other must-visit spots include Edo Koji, which has an Edo-era atmosphere, and the observation deck where you can watch airplanes up close.

There are power spots such as shrines and temples in the surrounding tourist spots, so you can relax in the free time before boarding. At the famous Omori Kaizuka Ruins Garden, you can see rare ruins from the Jomon period.

Gateway to the world! Narita International Airport 【Chiba】

Narita International Airport opened in 1978 and began full-scale domestic flights in 2015. We have also introduced a domestic low-cost airport (LCC), which is used by many people every year as a gateway to the rest of the world. Although it is located in Chiba Prefecture, a little far from the city center, you can access Tokyo in as little as an hour. It also has good access to various local cities.

Inside the airport, Japanese art and culture are exhibited, making it a space where you can experience the essence of Japan. There are also restaurants where you can relax and enjoy cuisine from around the world. Terminals 1 and 2 have commercial facilities, an observation deck and a station. Terminal 3 is primarily a terminal for low-cost airlines.

Naritasan is a tourist attraction near the airport, and you can enjoy visiting temples and walking along the approach to the shrine. Additionally, the famous Tokyo Disney Resort is located in Chiba Prefecture, where the airport is located, so it will be convenient for visitors.

Unique convenience shines! Chubu Centrair International Airport 【Aichi】

Chubu Centrair International Airport, which opened in 2005, is the air gateway to central Japan. It is located in a convenient location for traveling to various parts of Japan. The convenient layout of the airport is attractive, and it was built with the pursuit of ease of understanding and use. We are particular about universal design, making it easier to transfer to public transportation and move around the airport.

The terminal offers quality restaurants and relaxation facilities, allowing you to relax and unwind. It also features commercial facilities that are inspired by cityscapes from Japan and abroad. The airplane theme park “FLIGHT OF DREAMS” is produced by “teamLab,” which is attracting worldwide attention for its digital art. You can also enjoy the unique experience of riding a Segway on the rooftop “Sky Deck.”

Nearby tourist attractions include the large commercial facility AEON Mall Tokoname and the Aichi Prefecture International Exhibition Center. You can walk along the Tokoname City Pottery Walk while looking at a variety of pottery.

If you’re traveling to the north, go here! New Chitose Airport【Hokkaido】

New Chitose Airport, which boasts one of the highest number of tourists in Japan, is located in Hokkaido, a popular tourist destination. It is also attractive that it is easy to access all parts of Hokkaido, as it has a good network with each city. New Chitose Airport is one of the airports you should use when traveling to the north of Japan.

Hokkaido is well known as a gourmet kingdom, and New Chitose Airport has a rich lineup of restaurants. There are shops selling popular Hokkaido ramen and Royce Chocolate, a representative Hokkaido souvenir. There is also an entertainment facility featuring the world-famous Doraemon and the New Chitose Airport Hot Springs. Accommodation facilities are also available, so you can spend a relaxing day there. There is also an observation deck, so you can watch airplanes while feeling the northern air.

Nearby sightseeing spots include the Sapporo beer factory, which is popular in Japan, and large commercial facilities. There is also a farm nearby, so please take this opportunity to fully enjoy Hokkaido’s rich nature.

■The charm of Japan’s major airports is their careful hospitality

Japan’s major airports are designed to make foreigners visiting Japan feel more comfortable. Each airport is unique in that it not only allows you to enjoy the local climate and special products of each region, but also has plenty of connections to local airports and public transportation. There are also services available to help you feel safe while you are visiting.

It would be a waste to just pass through Japan’s airports when visiting. Please feel free to experience the careful attention to detail and hospitality that extends to every corner. There are hidden Japanese charms in the surrounding tourist spots that you can easily visit.

Q: Is it easy to access various parts of Japan from Japan’s major airports?
A: Access to major airports is good. Each airport has different domestic flight options and ease of transfer to other means of transportation. In recent years, there has been an increase in efforts to encourage access to rural areas as a countermeasure for inbound tourists, so we can expect even more from this in the future.

Q: Are major airports becoming tourist destinations?
A: It is a fulfilling tourist destination where you can spend a day. Each airport has different characteristics and concepts, so it’s a good idea to decide how you want to use it. Please also refer to nearby tourist attractions.