7 recommended night spots in Ishikawa Prefecture! Introducing the climate and local products

Do you want to enjoy sightseeing in Ishikawa Prefecture until the night or until you go to bed? Ishikawa Prefecture has many spots that you can enjoy not only during the day but also at night.

However, as of May 2024, there are some places that cannot be visited due to the effects of the Noto earthquake, so this time we have carefully selected spots that are less affected by the earthquake and can be visited. We have introduced 7 places where you can enjoy sightseeing, gourmet food, and photography, so please use them as a reference.

■What is Ishikawa Prefecture’s climate and specialty products?

Ishikawa Prefecture is a prefecture located on the Sea of ​​Japan side of the Hokuriku region. The weather differs depending on the region, with some places being relatively pleasant and others experiencing severe cold and snow in the winter. The Kaga mountain area has a climate with low temperatures and heavy snowfall and rainfall. The Kaga Plain has a mild climate and is easy to enjoy sightseeing. The Noto Peninsula is strongly influenced by the Sea of ​​Japan climate, so it tends to have a lot of snowfall in the winter and clear skies in the summer.

The Sea of ​​Japan may have an image of being cold, but Ishikawa Prefecture is also known as a spot where you can enjoy swimming. The Sea of ​​Japan, which borders Ishikawa Prefecture, does not get hot or cool easily, making it a perfect swimming spot with moderate water temperature.

Ishikawa Prefecture also has many things that give you a sense of tradition from the past. Famous traditional crafts include Wajima lacquerware, Kutani ware, and gold leaf crafts. Kaga Yuzen, one of Japan’s three major Yuzen varieties, is also a specialty of Ishikawa Prefecture. There are also shops where you can rent Kaga Yuzen kimonos, so why not wear them when sightseeing?

■【Recommended night spots in Ishikawa Prefecture】Kanazawa area

We will introduce four recommended night spots in the Kanazawa area of ​​Ishikawa Prefecture. Please take a look as we introduce the seasons, traditions, and spots where you can enjoy a walk.


“Kenrokuen” where you can feel the seasons of Japan

Kenrokuen is a daimyo garden that was created by successive feudal lords of Kaga over a long period of time. The so-called Kaiyushiki style of construction has been adopted, making use of the vastness of the land to create teahouses, ponds, and Tsukiyama (artificial mountains) for sightseeing.

It is also a popular photo spot as it has a different appearance and atmosphere depending on the season. You can see cherry blossoms in spring, lush trees in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, and snow covering the garden in winter. It is illuminated during the cherry blossom and autumn foliage seasons, creating a fantastic scenery that fascinates people.

“Ishikawa Prefectural Noh Theater” where you can feel close to traditional Japanese culture

Noh Theater is a theater where you can watch Noh plays located right next to Kenrokuen. Noh is a classical performing art that incorporates a unique style in which each role is performed wearing a mask and beautiful costumes.

At the Noh theater, you can see a performance called “Kaga Hosho,” which has been designated as an intangible cultural property. A variety of performances are available throughout the year, but for beginners we recommend the Noh Evening. “Noh Evening” is available for viewing on Saturdays for a certain period of time.

“Higashi Chaya District” where you can enjoy night walks and photos in the old townscape

Higashi Chaya District is a recommended spot for a night stroll. During the day, it is crowded with tourists, and after 5pm, the gas lamps change to create a dreamlike atmosphere with a Japanese feel. Cafes and general stores close after 5pm, but restaurants and bars are open so you can enjoy food and drinks.

If you are going to take photos, we recommend a camera with good image stabilization. Please note that tripods are not allowed due to the large number of tourists. If you would like to stop by a general store, it would be a good idea to visit during the day near evening, enjoy sightseeing, and then wait until after 5 pm.

“Ichi no Kura” where you can enjoy local cuisine and fishermen’s cuisine

Ichi no Kura is a restaurant where you can enjoy traditional Kaga cuisine and fishermen’s cuisine made with locally caught seafood. During the day, you can enjoy set meals featuring seafood bowls and tempura bowls, and at night, you can enjoy a la carte dishes made with seasonal ingredients.

Among the a la carte dishes, there are also menus that use crab and firefly squid. Reservations must be made the day before, but course meals are also available, and you can choose from the following four courses.

1.Market course
2.Banquet course
3.Jiwamon course
4.Seasonal course

All-you-can-drink courses are also available as a bonus for reservations.

■【Recommended night spots in Ishikawa Prefecture]】Kaga area

We will introduce three night spots in the Kaga area of ​​Ishikawa Prefecture. Please take a look as we introduce zoos, hot springs, and restaurants at night.


“Ishikawa Zoo Night ZOO” where you can see animals that move at night

Ishikawa Zoo normally closes at 5:00 pm, but during the Night ZOO period, it is open until 9:00 pm. At the Night ZOO, which Ishikawa Zoo holds for a limited time, you can enjoy watching nocturnal animals in action.

It is especially impressive to see the lions, which often sleep during the day, moving around. The impressive sight of the animals will be a memory that will last a lifetime.

“Kaga Katayamazu Onsen Soyu” where you can enjoy day trip hot springs until late at night

Kaga Katayamazu Onsen Soyu is a hot spring facility where you can interact with tourists, enjoy hot springs, and enjoy the four seasons. There is also a corner where you can purchase necessary hot spring supplies such as towels and soap, as well as souvenirs.

There are two types of hot springs: “Mori-no-Yu” and “Kata-no-Yu.” Mori-no-Yu is an indoor hot spring with a view of the natural scenery that allows you to feel the four seasons, while Kata-no-Yu is an indoor hot spring with a spectacular view of the sea and mountains.

You can use it until 10pm, so you can soak in the hot spring while looking at the night view. The Mori-no-Yu and the Kata-no-Yu are alternately men’s and women’s baths on even-numbered and odd-numbered days.

“Kaga Ryori Bantei” where you can enjoy Kaga’s fresh ingredients

Kaga Cuisine Bantei is a restaurant where you can enjoy local ingredients such as Kaga’s specialties, duck and crab. We have a menu that is always available and a menu that changes depending on the season.

One of our most recommended menu items is the “Kaga Jibuni Kaiseki Zen”. You can enjoy local seafood sashimi and steamed dishes, with a focus on “Jibuni”, a local cuisine that has been around since the Edo period. The combination of the Japanese-style room space and the food makes you feel even more Japanese.

■Enjoy Ishikawa Prefecture’s gourmet food and culture at recommended night spots

Ishikawa Prefecture’s night spots include places where you can enjoy scenery, hot springs, gourmet food, and night zoos. There are spots that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, including those who want to enjoy Japanese gourmet food, those who want to enjoy entertainment, and those who enjoy photography. Why not visit it?

Q.Are there any areas in 2024 that are less affected by earthquakes and can be visited?
A.The Kaga and Kanazawa areas were less affected by the earthquake, so you can go sightseeing. However, the roads are not 100% repaired, so please be careful when walking.

Q. Is there anything unique to Ishikawa Prefecture?
A. There are many things to see, including local cuisine, souvenirs, famous spots such as Kenrokuen, and the Noh theater performance called “Kaga Hosho”.