Introducing 7 cat cafes in Tokyo and its surrounding areas! Also explains manners and precautions

Some people may be thinking of going to a cat cafe while sightseeing in Tokyo or its suburbs. In Japan, there are cat cafes with a variety of cats and cat cafes with rescue cats. Among them, we have carefully selected 7 stores. We also introduce etiquette and precautions when using the service. Please refer to it.

■Manners and precautions when playing at a cat cafe

There are some manners and precautions that you must follow when playing at a cat cafe.
The following items are generally common to all cat cafes:

・I don’t hold you
・Do not enter the store while under the influence of alcohol
・Do not give human food or drink
・Do not force a sleeping cat to wake up
・Don’t chase cats
・Do not use camera flash, etc.

In addition, each store has its own rules, so be sure to check the etiquette and precautions when entering the store.

■Multiple stores in Tokyo and surrounding areas | MOCA

Cat Cafe MOCA is a large cat cafe with 10 stores in Tokyo, 2 stores in Saitama and Gunma prefectures, and 1 store in Chiba, Ibaraki, and Yamanashi prefectures.

The main feature is that you can enjoy it in a variety of ways. You can play with cats, chat with them, and read manga and magazines. There is a drink bar where you can play with the cats while drinking juice or soup.

■3 cat cafes in Tokyo

We will introduce three cat cafes in Tokyo. Many of the stores introduced this time are unique, and you can enjoy wandering around them.


Relax with a wide variety of cats | Mysterious Cat Forest Temari’s House

Temari no Ouchi is a cat cafe based on the concept of visiting cats relaxing in the forest.

There are also cats that will sit on your lap, which is irresistible for cat lovers. Also, although quantities are limited, you can purchase treats and give them to your cat. During the cats’ dinner time from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, you can see them eating with all their heart.

Another good point is that the menu is extensive, with a wide selection of drinks, food, sweets, and alcoholic beverages.

Irresistible for people who like short-legged cats|Mofunyan

Neko Cafe Mofunyan is a cat cafe that specializes in short-legged cats. There are a variety of cat breeds, including munchkin, kinkaro, minuette, and mixes.

In addition to petting and playing with the animals, you can also experience giving them a limited number of snacks. You can’t take your eyes off the cats as they happily eat their snacks.

One of the recommended points is that they have a wide variety of menus, from food menus that will make you feel full, to desserts, and drinks.

Enjoy tea or a meal plan with rescued cats|Shukugi Cafe & Restaurant

Yadogi Cafe & Restaurant is a cafe and restaurant based on the concept of a cafe and restaurant where you can spend time with rescue cats. You can enjoy meals, tea time, and drinks while interacting with a wide variety of rescue cats looking for new homes.

There is a “Dense Plan” where you can enjoy interacting with cats and tea time, and a “Greedy Plan” where you can enjoy interacting with cats and meals. Recommended for those who want to take photos with their favorite cats and give them treats.

■3 cat cafes near Tokyo

We will introduce three cat cafes near Tokyo. We are picking up one store each in Chiba, Saitama, and Kanagawa prefectures.


A cafe in Chiba Prefecture with some of the rarest cat species in the world | Myao

Cat Cafe Myao is a cat cafe located in Chiba Prefecture. There is a rare breed of cat in the world called the Selkirk Rex, which has a curly coat similar to that of a sheep.

Another feature of this cafe is that they sell acrylic keychains of cats, and that you can give cats special treats only on the 22nd of every month.

It’s basically a drink bar system, but cup noodles, special ramen, and special curry are also available.

A cafe in Saitama Prefecture where you can enjoy unique cats and comics/magazines | Nekoya

Nekoya is a cat cafe where you can interact with cats and enjoy it as an internet cafe. You can enjoy the immersive feeling of enjoying a holiday at home with your beloved cats. Our signature cats are a black and white cat with an unusual pattern and a handsome Bengal cat.

Please note that smoking is completely prohibited, and those under junior high school age and those who have consumed alcohol are not permitted to enter.

A cafe in Kanagawa prefecture with charming cats playing in the playground | Pupuminyon

Pupuminyon is a two-story cat cafe located in Kanagawa Prefecture. Many unique and attractive cats, from rescue cats to regular cast members of the cafe, live in the spacious space.

You can have fun in a variety of ways, such as playing with cats, donating treats and having them exchang

ed for cat treats, and drinking herbal tea.

■Relax at a cat cafe near Tokyo

Many of the cat cafes in and around Tokyo are unique in terms of the cafe itself and the cats that work there. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy touring cat cafes to the fullest.
At cat cafes, there are certain manners and things to keep in mind. Please follow the rules and be healed at the cat cafe.

Q.Can I hold a cat at a cat cafe?
A.Basically, you cannot hold your child. However, some stores may allow you to hold your pet, so please check with the store staff.

Q. I am wearing perfume, can I come?
A. Cats should basically avoid entering the store as aromas and perfumes can make them feel unwell. If you really want to go, check with the store staff.