Introducing the unusual animal cafe! Follow the rules and manners and be healed!

When you hear the word “animal cafe,” the first thing that comes to mind is probably a dog cafe or a cat cafe. Interacting with animals is truly soothing.

In Japan, there are many “unusual animal cafes” where you can interact with slightly unusual animals other than dogs and cats.

In this article, we will introduce unusual animal cafes where you can meet rare animals, as well as the rules and etiquette when using them. Please use this as a reference and create wonderful memories with cute animals.

■What is a strange animal cafe?

Odd animal cafes are cafes where you can meet slightly unusual animals that you don’t normally interact with, rather than familiar animals such as dogs and cats. You can enjoy coffee and lunch, so you can eat with family and friends, and you can also spend time alone with the cute animals.

Unlike zoos, the appeal of animal cafes is that you can actually pet them, hold them on your lap, and observe them up close. There are also cafes where you can even hold the cute animals, where you can soothe your daily fatigue.

Unusual animal cafes are ideal not only for animal lovers but also for those who want to create rare memories, as they offer experiences that cannot be had in everyday life.

■Animals you can meet at the unusual animal cafe

At the unusual animal cafe, you can interact with animals that live in a variety of places, from deep in the mountains to underwater. All of these animals are hard to come across, and the time you spend at the cafe is sure to be a wonderful memory that will stay in your heart.

The unusual animal cafe is a very popular spot and is crowded with many people. It is best to make a reservation in advance when visiting.

From here, we will introduce the cute animals you can meet at the unusual animal cafe.


Now getting a lot of attention! Micro Pig Cafe (Fukuoka Prefecture)

At “Piglets cafe” you can interact with micro pigs. You can rent a camping trailer and experience interacting with baby pigs who are about 2 months old. There is also a “walking plan” where you can take a micro pig with you, making it an animal cafe where you can have a valuable experience.

Baby pigs are not strong enough and get tired easily, so they can only be petted four times a day. Additionally, reservations are required for up to 4 people, so please be sure to make a reservation in advance. Please note that not only that, but those with tattoos will not be able to use the service.

You may be happy? Owl Cafe (Yamaguchi Prefecture)

“Owl’s Castle” is an animal cafe where many owls live. Not only can you pet the owl by placing it on your shoulder or arm, but you can also experience feeding it by hand. Seeing an owl eating up close is very valuable and impressive.

In Japan, the owl is written in kanji as fukurairo (good luck) and fudan (no hardship), and is loved as a bird that brings good luck.

A small bird cafe that will soothe you with its cries (Nara Prefecture)

“Cafe Bird Cage” is a castle-like interior where you can watch a variety of small birds such as parakeets and sparrows without any time limit. You will enjoy the colorful appearance and beautiful songs of the birds.

At cafe Bird Cage, we are particular about the menu we offer. The parakeet pancakes and Okame-chan ice cream, which are designed with birds in the store, are cute to look at.

Listen to the chirping of the birds and enjoy the leisurely time to the fullest.

Popular at the aquarium! Otter Cafe (Hyogo Prefecture)

“Kitanosaka Kawauso Cafe” is an unusual animal cafe where you can meet the popular otters at the aquarium. Otters are very intelligent and friendly animals, and because they live near water or at sea, they are rare animals to encounter.

You will be able to observe the life of otters and watch them skillfully use their small hands to eat food, which will be very soothing. Inside the store, you can also interact with some unusual animals such as African dormice, sugar gliders, and hedgehogs.

Will the image change? Snake Cafe (Tokyo)

At the “Tokyo Snake Center”, you first choose your favorite snake from over 100 snakes. This is a very unusual animal cafe where you can enjoy a drink while observing the snakes that are transported in their cases. You can change your favorite snake at any time, take photos freely, and there is no time limit, so you can spend as much time as you like with the snakes.

By the time you leave Tokyo Snake Center, you’ll definitely be captivated by snakes.

Wild and charming reptile cafe (Tokyo)

At Hachu Cafe, you can interact with iguanas, chameleons, lizards, and turtles. The wild expressions of iguanas hunting for food and the calm and leisurely sight of turtles will not only be soothing, but will also make you feel the wonders of nature.

If you are bringing small children, please feel the preciousness of nature with them. Reptiles, which look like dinosaurs and have changed over time, are sure to teach children about the importance of nature and life.

Enjoy until late at night! Penguin Bar (Okinawa)

“Dining Bar Okinawa with Penguins” will be open in April 2024, when many penguins moved from “Dining Kichijoji with Penguins” in Tokyo.

Dining Bar with Penguins Okinawa is a night bar where you can enjoy dinner while watching penguins comically walking and swimming freely in front of you. You can also have the valuable experience of feeding penguins.

The food menu offers a wide variety of dishes, from dishes made with seasonal ingredients to course meals with all-you-can-drink options, as well as an extensive drink menu. Furthermore, it is open until 5 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, making it a relaxing night spot where you can have fun with the penguins until late at night.

■Rules and manners of unusual animal cafe

The unusual animal cafe has many rules in place so that the animals can live in peace. It is also a place where many people visit every day to interact with cute animals.

Please follow the established rules so that everyone using the facility can have a fun time and create wonderful memories.

Here, we will introduce the rules and etiquette for enjoying the unusual animal cafe.


Camera flash photography is strictly prohibited

If animals are suddenly exposed to strong light, they may convulse and even go blind. Never take pictures with flash.

Many animal cafes allow camera photography, so make sure the flash is turned off and take some test shots before pointing your camera at the animals.

When taking pictures, it is important to have good manners and not take pictures of other people.


Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

As you interact with animals, your clothes may get dirty or torn. When going to an animal cafe, choose clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Also, please avoid wearing clothing that is too revealing to prevent animals from getting caught in their claws and getting injured. We need to be careful when choosing accessories to avoid hurting not only ourselves but also the animals.


Treat animals kindly

The animals at the Weird Animal Cafe interact with many people a day. Forcibly touching animals or chasing them around is a nuisance not only to the animals but also to those around them.

Additionally, there may be times when you are not able to interact with the animals because they are not feeling well. Even if you cannot interact with them, please treat them with a gentle heart.

■Let’s be healed by cute animals at the unusual animal cafe!

At the Unusual Animal Cafe, you can touch rare animals, soothe your daily fatigue, and enjoy delicious food. Meeting these cute animals will be an unforgettable memory for the rest of your life.

Please have a wonderful time at the unusual animal cafe.

Q: Is smoking allowed?
A: Basically, smoking is prohibited at the Animal Cafe all day. Animals also dislike the smell of cigarettes, so use nearby smoking areas.

Q: Can I go to several animal cafes in one day?
A: Going to multiple animal cafes in one day may increase the risk of infectious diseases between animals. To protect the cute animals, avoid visiting more than one animal cafe on the same day.