There are various kinds of nightlife entertainment in Japan.

Nightlife district, entertainment district
Talking about dining... There are places to enjoy drinking such as the izakaya (Japanese-style dining bars), bars, and cafes.

Talking about leisure facilities…There are places to relieve your everyday stress such as karaoke, clubs and shows.

As for sightseeing at night…
There are places and occasions to fully enjoy sightseeing and take pictures such as fireworks, night views and nightlife or redlight districts.

Once you make plans to go into the nightlife districts of Japan, don't you get a little hesitant and reluctant from fear of seeing something new and unknown?

Since you've come all the way here to enjoy yourself,
you might as well learn all about our nightlife entertainment and fully experience it.

And better yet, there is nothing to worry about as long as you fully understand the system and method of enjoying it.

Our website introduces you to all sorts of nightlife entertainment so that you can safely and soundly enjoy them.

Do please check out our site and fully enjoy your nightlife in Japan!!

Japanese cultural manners

There must be quite a few people who wish to learn manners and etiquette peculiar to Japan among those who travel here.
There is an age-old custom for Japanese to bow when greeting and when showing their gratitude.
Let's learn about such unique manners and etiquette of Japan in dining and other scenes so as not to get into any troubles involving cultural and public rules during your travel.


Pointing Communication

Transportation may be the biggest problem when traveling.
We will provide information such as business hours of various transportation facilities.

Other Helpful information

We will provide you with knowledge and information that you can use when traveling and using facilities.