(1) In the town

Smoking on the streets is prohibited in most downtown areas in Japan, and you are allowed to smoke only in designated smoking areas.
Please keep in mind that each municipality has fixed fines for any violation.

(2) Garbage

In general roads are kept clean in Japan.
Nevertheless, we do find littering in downtown areas busy with people, but littering is prohibited.
Please keep in mind that you may be fined for littering as well.

Please be sure to bring back your trash and dispose of it at your hotel or in public garbage cans!

(3) At restaurants

Ways to order and manners vary depending on the type of restaurant so please check these out with the shop in advance.

Also, smoking is generally prohibited at restaurants in Japan under the national law.
There are shops which provide a smoking space so please smoke in the designated area.

(4) Inside trains and buses

You are to wait in line when riding trains and buses in Japan.
You are generally supposed to get on board quickly since they are running punctually according to the timetable.

Also, please set your mobile devices to silent mode and refrain from talking on them as proper etiquette on the buses and trains.

Trains and buses can be very crowded during commuting hours to and from work on weekdays, so try to avoid using them during those hours in the morning, evening and night.

On weekdays, it is expected to be very crowded if it overlaps with commuting time or returning home time,
Avoid morning hours and evening/night hours.