Many shops are closed at night, and people tend to think that there aren't many places to hang out, but that's actually not the case.
Izakaya and bars stand out, but other than that, there are discounts at night in the case of movies,
At amusement parks, there are many healthy playgrounds, such as limited lighting, and there are services that can be used at a great price.

However, you need to be careful when playing at night compared to daytime.

Here are some things to keep in mind when playing in the evenings!
Please use it as a reference and make your night out in Japan meaningful.

In the downtown area…
・Beware of touting

Solicitations to izakayas and other restaurants

In many downtown areas, there are people standing outside to attract customers to the shops.
Such touting is prohibited in Japan.

At the time of touting, even if the customer agrees and accompanies
After that, there are shops that charge abnormally high prices at the shops I was taken to, and many troubles have occurred.

As a customer who uses the downtown area, to have a fun way of playing without encountering unnecessary troubles,
Do not respond to touts, do not talk with your companion in response to what the touts say,
Don't show interest in conversations with touts, don't pretend to go to the store, ignore or decline.

・find out beforehand

When you go to a restaurant, please check the information of the restaurant in a guidebook or the Internet in advance.
Or ask the nearest tourist information office.
It is very convenient and smooth if you do some research beforehand, such as restaurants with menus in languages other than Japanese or staff who can communicate with you.

・Let's act with multiple people as much as possible

Especially for women, there are many dangerous things in the city at night.
There are also many drunks, so you never know what will happen.
When you are walking alone and someone you don't know talks to you, or when you get into some kind of trouble,
You may not be able to do anything.

If you have more than one person, it will be difficult for other people to get close to you, and if something happens, you can deal with it, so when going out at night, let's go out with more than one person.

・Be careful of snatching

It is said that weak women are easy targets, and many crimes are committed on motorcycles, so try to hold your bag on the opposite side of the road and avoid carrying large sums of money as much as possible.
Especially at night, visibility is poorer than during the day, so be careful as it will be easier for you to be targeted.
Don't worry just because you're in Japan, take care of your belongings properly.

・Be careful not to drink too much

You may end up drinking too much when you are having fun in the night town. However, if you get drunk and fall asleep outside, your valuables will be stolen,
There is a high possibility that you will be charged a high price because you will be drunk and unable to make the right decision, and you will enter the store as if you were invited by a barker.
Be careful not to drink too much so that you can make the right decisions.

When in trouble?

Police box: Most of them are in front of the station, so if you don't know the way or get into trouble, consult the police box.
In case of emergency, dial 110 for the police, and if you need an ambulance, dial 119.
Train: If you don't know how to get there by train, have entered the ticket gate by mistake, or have forgotten something, ask the station staff.
Taxis: Japanese taxis have meters, so if you take a car with a company name on it, you won't have to worry about being lied to about the fare. If you want to take a taxi
Raise your hand and catch it. (Now you can even call an app.) Taxis in Japan open their doors automatically, so you don't have to open them yourself.
Tell them where you are going and pay when you arrive. At night, the late-night fare will be applied, so the price will be slightly higher than the daytime fare.