Night views in Japan
In addition to Kobe and Yokohama, which are known for their million-dollar nightscapes, there are many places that are lit up at night such as gardens and parks which are well-known tourist sites, as well as the nightscapes in the shitamachi (downtown) areas in Tokyo and urban areas filled with skyscrapers. Various other areas each have their own night view spots where you can enjoy different nightscapes depending on the times of year.
With the numbers of night viewing spots and people going to see them increasing, it is no exaggeration to say that nightscape viewing, or appreciating the night view itself, is a part of Japanese culture. Expectations toward night views as a business opportunity are also high, with increased interest in sightseeing at night and the development of new local attractions. Thus night views are drawing much attention and are being well utilized as business opportunities in various industries such as hotels, travel agencies, sightseeing businesses, transportation, observation facilities, real estate businesses and entertainment facilities.
1. Night views from the mountains

There are mountains known for their night views in various parts of Japan. One of the most popular is Hakodate Mountain in Hokkaido, where you can enjoy the nightscape of Hakodate, which is one of the so-called three great nightscapes in the world. You ride a ropeway that takes you to the top of Hakodate Mountain, which is 334 meters high. With oceans on both sides, you can overlook the beautiful curvatures created by the lights along the sea and the city lights. The snow and Christmas illuminations are beautiful in winter. There are also many other famous sites such as Inasa Mountain in Nagasaki prefecture as well as Mount Rokko and Mount Maya in Hyogo prefecture.

2. Night views from the sea

From olden times, there have been yakata-bune (pleasure boats) for enjoying banquets on the water in Japan, and the culture of enjoying the city nightscape and illuminations from the sea and rivers has been common. In recent years, factory nightscape tours where the night views of industrial districts are enjoyed on board the boats are also becoming popular, to take pictures for the sake of interest, to go on dates, and so on. Even familiar views in broad daylight look quite different when viewed from the sea. There are various plans ranging widely from dinner cruises perfect for special days like anniversaries to cruises with one-drink services.

3. Night views of gardens and parks

Night views with illumination can be enjoyed depending on the season at gardens and parks that are well-known tourist spots too. Many of them are lit up during the autumn season of changing colors and the Christmas season, exhibiting fascinating beauty with their foliage tinged in scarlet or mingled with snow. The subtle and profound beauty of the illuminations at night will surely make the long nights of fall and winter even more special. Dates of illumination are notified on the websites of the respective spots, so please check them in advance.

Recommended night view spots

Here are some of the most popular night view spots. Tokyo, the capital city with the largest population in Japan, is lined with many buildings, and the night view from the observatory is truly the best.

Tokyo Sky Tree

Located in Sumida Ward, Tokyo Sky Tree is the tallest radio tower in the world with a height of 634 meters. As a radio tower, it plays a major role in our lives.Japan used to be called the country of Musashi, so the word 634 = Musashi is familiar to Japanese people. You can see it from the 23 wards of Tokyo. The colors change every day, and as special lighting, they are sometimes lit up in colors that represent the image of various characters, so you can enjoy looking at them for a long time without getting bored. There is an observation deck, but if you want to see a farther view, we recommend going to the observation corridor.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower, located in Shiba Park in Minato Ward, is 333 meters high and has been loved as a symbol of Tokyo. Actually, it is not bright red, but reddish orange (called international orange) and white are used. It's colorful and very beautiful even when you see it in the daytime, but when it's lit up at night, you can experience a different impression. The lights change during New Year's holidays and Christmas events, so it might be a good idea to visit at that time.

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge is a traffic area that connects Shibaura and Odaiba in Tokyo, and many cars come and go. You can drive through and see it up close, or you can see it from afar at Kaihin Park in Odaiba. There is also a promenade, so it might be a good idea to go there.


In addition, illuminations are lit up in various parts of Japan in winter, so it would be a good idea to check the holding period. Also, if the weather is good in the countryside, the air is clear and there is little light pollution, so you can see the stars very clearly. Please look up at night when you go to the countryside.

Important points to note

Enjoying the night views on top of mountains or on board cruise boats may involve great differences in temperature from day and night, so be sure to bring temperature-adjustable clothing. Don't forget to bring cold-weather gear too.