Pubs where you can enjoy watching shows with songs, dances and comic stunts while dining. The concepts of the content will differ according to the shop, such as sexy dancing, comedy shows, mimic shows, magic shows and shows which focus on entertainment quality. Show pubs used to be for men to enjoy in the past, but nowadays more and more women have started to come, making them a popular place for everyone regardless of gender. Moreover, show pub dancers used to be amateurs in the past, but in recent years the quality has become very high, with more and more female cast members exhibiting authentic and professional dances. The shop interior also deeply reflects Japanese culture, allowing guests to enjoy a classy, refined atmosphere.
What are the major kinds of show pubs?

1. Dance Show

Dance shows are synonymous with show pubs.
They mainly consist of dance shows, pole dances and sexy dances with images of club lounges.
Another attraction is to be able to enjoy dining and chatting with the female cast members after the show.
There are various plans of shows such as ones reasonably priced and ones exclusively for groups of women guests so that they are particularly popular among a wide range of women as a casual way to enjoy a surrealistic atmosphere.

2. Magic Show

Show pubs focusing on magic shows are popular among people regardless of age and gender.
One of the greatest appeals is that famous magicians who appear on TV can be seen close up.
You can enjoy a wide variety of unique magic such as grand illusion types and audience-participating types.

3. Entertainment Show

The entertainment type show pubs primarily hold comic shows and mimic shows.
These shops appeal to the exclusiveness of their content which varies in concept depending on the shop, ranging widely from mimicking to comic stunts and stand-up comedies.
If you like watching Japanese TV, I recommend the impersonation show. You can see high-quality impersonations of celebrities on TV, such as their faces, voices, gestures, and singing voices. There are comedians who have become popular after going out on TV from show pubs, and you can see the imitations and jokes of comedians who are actually appearing on TV. If you want to laugh and have a fun night, please visit.

4. Transsexual show

It is a show where you can enjoy singing, dancing, and entertainment with laughter by beautiful, flashy and gorgeous transsexuals.
The powerful dance is also a highlight, and there is no doubt that both men and women will be energized.

show pub system

Show pubs are generally open from around 18:00 to midnight, and performances are divided into 2 to 4 times.
As for the fee structure, it varies depending on where you browse and the time of day, but you should be fine with around 4,000 yen to 10,000 yen.
Some people may think that going to see a show might be expensive, but you can enjoy it at a reasonable price.

About the tip system

Tipping is not very common in Japan, but you can tip cast members at show pubs. For example, if you find a cast member you like at a dance show, in Japan you would call that person "oshi".(It's like a so-called fan of that person) You can give a tip to that person, so you can give your feelings as a gift.
In some cases, you may purchase a tip that can be used only in the store and give it to the cast, so it is a good idea to check the system in advance.
Why don't you give them a tip to communicate with them, or have fun making a "oshi"?

Additional important points to note

Show pubs are places to dine while enjoying a show. They do not provide sexual entertainment or services. Hence, touching the dancers' bodies is not allowed even at places organizing sexy dance shows.

The dance shows are not for the guests to dance themselves. The clubs are strictly for dining while enjoying the shows.