Here, we will introduce the business hours of each transportation.
Electric train

From around 6:00 AM to around 12:00 PM

Public transportation in Japan is complex, and making transfers can be particularly difficult even for Japanese people unless they are used to doing it.
There are staff and reception counters at stations with language support, and in recent years stations near tourist sites also have information booths with such language support.
So please check them out!


From around 6:00 AM to around 12:00 PM

Since there are various sightseeing bus tours bound for tourist sites available in downtown areas, it might be a good idea to look into them as well.
*Also, please check out the information at the airport.


Available 24 hours a day
Late night surcharge available

Please bear in mind that how prices are set differs in Japan from other countries.
Please check beforehand if there are taxi services available from the airport for foreigners with staff who can communicate with foreigners and with one-day ride services.